Biking in the Blood

By Connie Ceuppens

Big thanks to Jennifer for sending this across, you put a smile on everyone's face with your family's cycling adventures!

"Dear Alpkit,

I am just washing my son's Alpkit [kit]. I know he is 18 and he can do his own washing. But he has just come back from cycling 7000km from El Calafate in Patagonia to Lima in Peru and I am so grateful to be lovingly washing his kit.

While washing I noticed his rucksack has a hole in it. It got me thinking about the memories embedded in the fabric. We started cycling when the boys were 5-3. When the boys were 13-11 we did our first tour, Barra to Stornaway. As they got older we got more adventurous. Our friend suggested Alpkit. Scotland has many beautiful places to explore. At 13-15 we did Aberdeen to Fort William off road. As panniers got stuck in the heather we decided to buy alp Kits 4 25ltr rucksacks. It was the most memorable of our family tours. 6 days of sunshine crossing Glen Feshie.

Over the years we have criss-crossed Scotland, England and Wales. When my oldest son was 18 he cycled Vancouver to Denver on the Great Divide. These rucksacks have done some miles, not to mention the sleeping bags and now bike bags. In 3 weeks time we are off to the Cairngorms to do some MTB. They do have to wait for me these days, at the top of every hill, but we love it. I am 50 this year and I hope the second half is going to be full of family, bikes and mud. I hope you keep making my life easier and lighter as I get older in your designs and my pocket for future generations, women's clothes are pish!

There are many inspired women cyclists in my wake with young families. As I looked through some of the photos, It was funny seeing how many of them, your rucksacks are in. Like an old friend. The one I use daily is my eldest, it has a yellow whistle. When Alex was crossing the Rockies I was scared he was going to get eaten by a bear. I made him buy a whistle..and pepper spray...

They all have a coloured ribbon to tell them apart. They still have is very soggy in the sink. Sucking on someone else's water bladder by mistake was yuck!

I just wanted to say thank you!


Sounds like you lot have a fabulous time, here's to many more adventures in the future!

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