Camping Cutlery

Camping Cutlery

You know you've gone too far when you're individually weighing your cutlery on the digital scales. Forget silverware: strong and light 'titaniumware' is the way forward... Read more

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    Titanium knife, fork and spoon set

    Bundle price £14.99

    TiMigos Knife

    Lightweight and compact titanium knife

    Bundle price £6.99

    TiMigos Fork

    Lightweight titanium fork ideal for all adventures and meals

    Bundle price £6.99

    TiMigos Spoon

    Titanium spoon that is lightweight, compact, adventurous

    Bundle price £6.99


    Titanium chopsticks. For the skilled camp aficionado

    Bundle price £14.99


    Long handled titanium spork (or foon?)

    Bundle price £8.49


    Titanium spork (or foon? or forked spoon)

    Bundle price £7.99

    SnapWire Foon

    Lightweight folding titanium spork (or foon? or maybe forpoonk?)

    Bundle price £7.99

    SnapWire Knife

    Folding titanium camping knife

    Bundle price £7.99

    Titanium cutlery is lightweight, compact and durable with combination utensils like Lhfoon ... a long-handled combination fork and spoon.

    Titanium lasts for years without risk of rust or corrosion from acid or alkali and is resistant to extreme temperatures. These added features make titanium cutlery our favourite for bivvy, bikepacking and backpacking adventures.