Backpacks and Rucksacks

Backpacks and Rucksacks

We've been winning awards for our rucksacks since 2005. Innovate multi-sport backpacks to run, hike, climb, camp, swim and ride. Our guiding principles are to minimise weight, maximise freedom of movement with hip and chest straps for load-carrying comfort and stability... Read more

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Gourdon 20

20 litre Waterproof backpack with bungees and mesh pockets

Bundle price £31.99
  • Black
  • Lego

Gourdon 25

25 litre roll-top waterproof backpack

Bundle price £35.99

Gourdon 30

30 litre waterproof backpack with mesh pockets

Bundle price £39.99
  • Chilli
  • Black

Presta 20

Best In Test' 20-litre multi-sports daypack

Bundle price £44.99

Ledge 30

30 litre backpack for year-round hiking and scrambling

Bundle price £54.99

Orion 40

40 litre technical alpine sports backpack for multi-day mountain adventures

Bundle price £59.99


Waxed cotton messenger bag for commuting and travel

Bundle price £59.99


18 litre small grab and go daypack with zip closure for mountain walking

Bundle price £59.99


20 litre technical hillwalking pack. Waxed cotton with single buckle and practical features

Bundle price £69.99
  • Kelp
  • Denim


22 litre technical daypack made from traditional technologies

Bundle price £79.99

El Burro

45 litre roll-top style duffle rucksack

Bundle price £64.99
  • Chilli
  • Space Grey


35 litre light, minimalist, and low-profile backpack with roll-down drawcord

Bundle price £74.99


50 + 10 litre lightweight alpine climbing rucksack

Bundle price £149.99
  • Chilli
  • Steel


Featherweight 11 litre activity backpack that fits into your palm

Bundle price From £16.99

Technical Backpacks and Rucksacks 

From carrying a full rack up the north face of Ben Nevis to carrying essential water and layers on a long run around Kinder Scout, we've got a great selection of backpacks and rucksacks.

Gourdon is our iconic multi-sports waterproof backpack for commuter cycling to mountain marathons, think of it as a dry bag with shoulder straps.

Our factory here at Alpkit HQ offers a complete custom design service to design and make bespoke packs. We've made for arctic adventures, El Capitan ascents and specialist Mountain Rescue Team packs. Get in touch to find out more about custom backpacks.