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It’s free. It’s easy. It’s wonderful. All you have to do is create a customer account.


If you’ve already got an account just login. Otherwise: 


1. Create an account: Hit the button below. Use the email address you use to shop with us. 


2. Click the activation link in your email: Check your emails for an activation link we’ll have sent you.


3. Log in: Click the Member Rewards section on the left-hand side. In here you'll see details of your rewards.

How you earn rewards

- Create a Member Account


- Buy products from us: you earn 10% back on each purchase


- Purchases can be online or instore, just make sure you register them against the same account


- Dividends are only earned on product purchases (not services or postage)


- Get £5 for each product review we publish

How we issue rewards

- Reap your rewards in April and October: we distribute dividends twice a year


- Dividends are issued in the form of discount codes and listed on your member account page


- Codes issued in October 2022 will be based on orders fulfilled from 01/01/22 to 25/09/22


- Codes issued in April 2023 will be based on orders fulfilled from 26/09/22 to 23/03/23.


- The value of your dividend will be 10% of the total of your product purchases at the end of each qualifying period


- Discount codes are issued in denominations of £5, £10, £20 and £50. We use a greedy algorithm to calculate how many of each you will get. For example, if you earned £175 of rewards you will receive 3 x £50, 1 x £20, 1 x £5


- We won’t forget about dividends earned on unfulfilled pre-orders. We will add these to your account on the next issue


- Rewards for product reviews are issued weekly

How to use your rewards

- You can use your codes online or in store. If you can’t remember your code, our store team will be able to retrieve it from your account


- The value of your order must be at least twice the value of your discount code. For example, to use a £20 voucher your order value must be £40 or greater (excluding postage and non-product items)


- One discount code can be used per order. If you want to use 2 codes treat yourself to another order


- Discount codes cannot be merged or transferred between accounts


- Codes can be used against all products with the exception of gift vouchers and gas


- Codes can be used on sale and clearance price items


- If your total order value is below the free postage threshold you will have to pay postage


- Our discount dividends are for giving and sharing. Gift your codes to friends and family, your local scout group or school DofE co-ordinator. You’ll look cool and they’ll thank you for it


- Discount codes will not be reissued if you decide to return a product


- Codes automatically expire after 6 months. But don’t worry, as long as you’ve been buying our goodies you’ll be issued with some brand new codes