Custom Titanium Frames

Bespoke titanium frames, meticulously sketched in the UK and hand-built by specialist titanium-workers: turning dream bikes into a reality...

When we’re not riding, we’re thinking about riding. We obsess over details, geometry, feel, function – anything to make the ride better. And we imagine you do too. That’s why we launched our Custom Titanium Frames service.

Pinion gearbox, Ti fat bike, monster-cross mutant... it can be as unorthodox and as radical as you like. If you’ve got a bike you want building, we can build it. We can build it in strong, light and impossibly smooth-riding titanium.

We can modify any existing Sonder frame to your precise specifications, whether you want: a longer top tube, internal cable routing or dropper-post compatibility. We can also design a completely new bike from scratch, working with you to produce the drawings.

We’re a four-person team here at Sonder: Product Manager Neil, Head Mechanic Liam, Bike Builder Ben and Support Hero Tom - bike obsessives, all four of us. We might be small, but we’re dedicated to what we do: we take a real pride in our work and the bikes we produce. Like you, we live for cycling - in all its forms.

Then there’s our factory in Xiamen, China: a 15-strong team of qualified titanium specialists. The fabrication staff work the raw tubing, cut the tubes and carve the mitre joins. The same staff then carry it across to assembly where the tubing is jigged, tacked and welded. Every frame is a product of obsession, craft and precision.

45% lighter than steel and twice as strong as aluminium, Titanium is corrosion resistant, heat resistant and abrasion resistant. It might be an abundant material, but it’s expensive to extract and takes skilled experts to work. But the advantage is this: Titanum just doesn’t fail. That's why we cover all our Ti frames with a 10-year warranty.

We build Ti frames for obsessives like us, obsessives who know exactly what they want building. If it’s bike shaped, we’ll build it. Tell us about your titanium dream below...

To modify any existing Sonder frame: + £300
Frames designed from the ground up: £1750