Repair Station

We love gear. Gear helps us to go nice places and do good things. The problem is, the gear we love the most gets used the most. And all that season after season, year-in year-out abuse takes its toll.

We don’t want to chuck gear on the scrapheap every time we get a tiny tear or a zip breaks. Imagine how gear feels being traded in for a newer model. Poor gear. Think of the all the memories we’ve shared – we've been through too much together.

The longer we keep our clothing, tents and rucksacks going, the less we buy and the smaller our impact on the planet. It’s the reason we’ve always repaired our own products, and the reason we’ve been repairing outdoor kit from any brand, since 2004.

Fancy new jacket? Nah, give us a patched-up patchwork jacket full of memories any day. It’s not just good for the environment: it’s a badge of honour.

Repair Station - Hack, Patch and Sew

Our Repair Heroes love a challenge, whether it’s saving a much-loved rucksack or converting an old jacket into a Mountain Rescue dog’s new winter coat. Our dedicated repair stations in Hathersage, Keswick, Edinburgh, Betws-y-Coed, Ilkley and Bristol are fully equipped to breathe new life into your old kit. 

Here's how to book in your repair:

  • If you're local to a store with a repair station then simply pop in with your item and discuss your repair. If it's a complex repair we recommend calling ahead to ensure a repair seamster is in (we don't always have 7 days coverage).
  • If you don't live near any of our stores, please contact our Hathersage or Keswick stores to discuss postage and repair.

  • We’ll always provide a quote before undertaking any repairs and are able take payments by phone.


    Repair Price
    Heat patches Single £15
    Double patch (inside and outside) £20
    Multiple (2 or 3) £25
    Multiple (4 or more) £30
    Zip repairs

    Slider replacement £10 recycled
    Double or complex slider £15

    Full zip replacement Jacket £45*
    Down Jacket £60*
    Pocket Zip or Fly £40
    * plus £5 for waterproof or two-way zip and £8 for waterproof two-way zip

    Full jacket  £50
    Hem and Cuffs £35

    Waterproof jacket repair Heat Patch £15
    Full zip replacement £45*
    Full jacket retaping £50
    Hood, hems, cuffs or partial retaping £35
    Velcro Cuff repair £15 per cuff
    * plus £5 for waterproof or two-way zip and £8 for waterproof two-way zip
    Down jacket repair Full zip replacement £60
    Heat Patch £15
    Sleeping Bag repair Full zip replacement £60
    Backpack repairs Full zip replacement £60
    Bag pocket rebuild - see custom stitching
    Tent repairs Tent zip replacement £60
    Pole re-cording £20 +£1.20 per m of cord
    Cord tunnel rebuild £40
    Pole repair £10+
    New pole section £10
    Additional anchor points from £25
    Fly sheet taping  £60
    + £1.20 per metre of tape

    (includes backpacks, fabric patches and repairs etc.)

    £30 per hour
    Custom modifications Quoted depending on job at £30 per hour plus parts
    Postage Small £3
    Medium £6
    Large £10

    Wait times vary based on current demand and the complexity of the repair, typically between 2 - 4 weeks. 

    For more info on our repair service or if you have any specific repair questions that you’d like answering, contact one of our Repair Station stores directly by phone or email.

    Hathersage - Keswick - Edinburgh - Betws-y-Coed - Ilkley - Bristol

    Waterproof and Down Washing Service - Refresh and Reloft

    If your waterproofs have stopped beading or your down bags and jackets are getting a bit cold and clumpy, our Ambleside team have a washer and dryer and they're not afraid to use them.

    You can take your items to any of our stores or post them direct to Ambleside with this PDF form included. We use Nikwax® cleaning products and can wash and dry: waterproof jackets & trousers, insulated jackets, sleeping bags, expedition suits and salopettes.

    Item / Service Price
    Down jacket wash Single jacket £30
    Two jackets £45
    Waterproof tech wash & reproof

    Single waterproof£25
    Two waterproofs £30

    Sleeping bag wash Up to 1.5kg or under 700FP £45
    Over 1.5kg or over 700FP £55
    Postage Small item £3
    Medium item £6
    Large item £10

    Here's how it works
    Before your item goes through the washing and drying process we thoroughly inspect the item for any signs of damage. If we find damage on the initial inspection you will be informed. We can then either do the repair for you before cleaning, or return the item back without washing and drying.

    Repair costs and lead times will be discussed in-store and you’ll have the opportunity to proceed or decline. We recommend that before you send the item in, you take some time to inspect your item.

    We will wash your garment as per the care instructions on the garment. If your item is unsuitable for tumble-drying we will not be able to wash it. (This is more applicable for insulation layers and sleeping bags). Due to certain production methods we are unable to wash some items. Please give us a ring on 015394 54954 though and we can discuss your options.

    After lots of abuse, some stains are well and truly bedded into the fabrics, and even the best wash won’t always get rid of a stain.

    There is a very slim chance your item may be damaged through the washing and drying process. If damage does occur, we reserve the right to repair the damage at our cost.

    We will work towards a 14 day turnaround, but during busy periods this may take longer. You will be given an idea of time scales upon booking.

    For more information about our Down Wash and Reproofing service, please contact our Ambleside store by phone or email.

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