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Sleeping Bags

Award winning down and synthetic sleeping bags for minimalist ultra light adventures through to 4 season extreme conditions. Using the latest technologies to provide the warmest and lightest sleeping bags with a choice of lengths for those taller people... Read more

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Mountain Ghost 140

Summer use sleeping bag: 7°C limit weighing 980g.

Bundle price £69.99

Mountain Ghost 200

Primaloft Silver 2 season bag: 4°C limit weighing 1150g

Bundle price £89.99

Mountain Ghost 300

Primaloft Silver 3 season sleeping bag: -5°C limit weighing 1380g

Bundle price £119.99

SkyeHigh 500

3 season duck down sleeping bag: -4°C limit weighing 970g

Bundle price £154.99

Skyehigh 700

3-4 season down sleeping bag weighing: -8°C limit 1140g

Bundle price £179.99

SkyeHigh 900

4 season duck down sleeping bag: -13°C limit weighing 1420g

Bundle price £199.99

Cloud Cover Hydrophobic

Lightweight down quilt: 750 fill power down quilt weighing 520g

Bundle price £104.99

Pipedream 200 Hydrophobic

Ultra-lightweight goose down sleeping bag: 7°C limit weighing 545g

Bundle price £159.99

PipeDream 400 Hydrophobic

3 season ultra-lightweight goose down sleeping bag: -6°C limit weighing 865g

Bundle price £219.99

Pipedream 600 Hydrophobic

4 season ultra-lightweight goose down sleeping bag: -12°C limit weighing 1085g

Bundle price £279.99

AlpineDream 800 Hydrophobic

4 Season mountaineering sleeping bag: -22° limit weighing 1300g

Bundle price £299.99

ArcticDream 1200 Hydrophobic

Expedition sleeping bag: -33°C limit weighing 1700g

Bundle price £424.99

ArcticDream 1400 Hydrophobic

Expedition sleeping bag: -48°C limit weighing 1900g

Bundle price £449.99

Longest Day Sleep Out Bundle

​Sleep underneath the stars with this sleeping bag, mattress and pack bundle. The bundle co-ordinates...

Bundle price £123.99

PipeDream 200 [2019]

Ultra-lightweight goose down sleeping bag: 7°C limit weighing 545g

Bundle price £159.99

PipeDream 600 [2019]

The winning combo of warmth, comfort, weight and highly packable. -12˚C limit 3 - 4 season lightweight goose down sleeping bag weighing 1085 g

Bundle price £279.99

What Makes a Sleeping Bag an Alpkit Sleeping Bag?

Ever since our first AlpineDream over 15 years ago, we've made only the best sleeping bags. We now have an extensive range of meticulously thought out bags for life outdoors:

 Mountain Ghost Lightweight and packable synthetic bags that are perfect for those camping, canoe touring and backpacking kind of adventures.
SkyeHigh Our most versatile bag that offers the best warmth to wallet ratio and is more than ready for anything; from high altitude trekking to round the world travel… bring it on!
PipeDream The iconic Alpkit sleeping bag. Ultralight and packable with maximum warmth: peak performance for fast and light running, bikepacking and mountain scaling.
AlpineDream A fusion of extreme performance and maximum value to provide the ultimate 4 season bag for Scottish and Alpine winters. our go-to technical sleeping bag for year-round use.
ArcticDream Here to tackle the extremes, the harshest and most serious cold weather environments. ArcticDream is for those true expeditionary adventurers.



Sleeping Bag Jargon Busting

  • What is Hydrophobic Down? - This type of down will absorb less water and dry faster than non-hydrophobic down
  • What is a DWR? – Durable Water Repellent coatings are used to prevent water from penetrating the outer fabric
  • What Does ‘PFC Free’ Mean? - Any waterproofing or repellency treatments are free from poly-flourinated chemicals (AKA better for our environment)
  • What is the AK Sleep Limit? - Our own no-nonsense rating that the majority of our customers will find to be the tipping point between a comfortable and restless nights sleep
  • What is Fill Power (FP)? – A rating used to measure the quality of the down by how much it lofts. The higher the loft, the more air it can trap and so has greater insulating potential
  • What is Fill Weight? – The weight of the down used in a sleeping bag. We use Fill Weight when naming our sleeping bags to give you an indication on how warm it’s likely to be, e.g. the PipeDream 400 uses 400g of down
  • What’s the Difference Between Stitch-Through and Box-Wall Construction? – Stitch-through construction directly stitches the outer fabric to the inner to hold the down in place, whereas box-wall construction uses internal chambers to maximise space for the down to loft and reduce cold spots. Generally speaking, stitch-through sleeping bags are lighter, and box-wall sleeping bags are warmer
  • What Does ‘Mummy Shape’ Mean? – The sleeping bag is tapered and narrows towards the foot end. This means there’s less air to keep warm, making you feel warmer. They’re also lighter and less bulky than their rectangular shaped cousins
  • Should I Choose a Left or Right Handed Zip? – Usually if you’re right handed, a left-hand zip is easier to operate, and vice-versa if you’re left handed. Or if like to get snuggly, all our left zip bags join to their right zipped siblings for a double sleeping bag.


Inside Alpkit Sleeping Bags

Responsible Down Standard

We use only RDS certified down; all our down is audited by a third party to ensure that it comes from birds who are not live-plucked, force-fed, or mistreated. That’s good to know.

Downtek Hydrophobic Down

A water repellent treatment makes our down less susceptible to humid conditions, staying lofted for longer, keepin you warmer and prolonging the overall lifespan of your down.

Primaloft Synthetic Insulation

Using a water repellent finish to improve performance in extreme conditions, Primaloft insulation maintains its thermal properties even when wet. It’s also easy to care for, packable, breathable, and super soft: mega!


Outdoors Magic Review the PipeDream 400

"The PipeDream 400 is a 750FP down sleeping bag that weighs just 865g and costs only £219 – an impressive price for a bag of this quality.... this is a very good bag for a very good price and should meet the needs of most backpackers." - Daniel Neilson, Outdoors Magic

Making Gear You'll Love for Longer

We're unashamedly obsessive in our design process, working hard to design high quality, long lasting, environmentally preferable products - designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We love keeping kit going, so if a product is damaged, we will always do what we can to repair it. See our repair station for more info.