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Sleeping Bags

Whether it's one night or several, nothing quite compares to crawling into a cosy sleeping bag, muscles aching and eyelids drooping, after a full day of adventure... Read more

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Pipedream 400 Hydrophobic / Regular / Right-Hand

Ultralight 3-season 750 FP hydrophobic goose down sleeping bag with box wall construction, a -6ºC sleep limit and weighing just 865: ideal for fast and light adventures

Bundle price $291.00

PipeDream 200 Hydrophobic

Packable comfort for trips in temperate climates. 7˚C limit 2 season ultra-lightweight sleeping bag weighing 545 g with hydrophobic goose down

Bundle price $212.00

Cloud Cover Hydrophobic

A lightweight and versatile alternative to a full sleeping bag. 750+ fill power hydrophobic goose down quilt.

Bundle price $139.00

PipeDream 600 Hydrophobic

The winning combo of warmth, comfort, weight and highly packable. -12˚C limit 3 - 4 season lightweight goose down sleeping bag weighing 1085 g

Bundle price $371.00

Skyehigh 700

Ideal for big trips further afield as well as microadventures close to home. -8˚C limit 3 – 4 season sleeping bag weighing 1140 g with Nikwax Hydrophobic duck down

Bundle price $239.00

Mountain Ghost 300

Backpacking, DofE expeditions, river and cycle touring. A -5˚C limit 3 season Primaloft Silver synthetic sleeping bag weighing 1380 g

Bundle price $113.00 Was $133.00

Winter Sleep Out Bundle

A good nights sleep makes a world of difference when camping year round. Our 4...

Bundle price $299.00 Was $331.00

Mountain Ghost 140

7˚C limit 1 season synthetic sleeping bag weighing 980 g, ideal for summer use in temperate climates

Bundle price $73.00 Was $93.00

Longest Day Sleep Out Bundle

​Sleep underneath the stars with this sleeping bag, mattress and pack bundle. The bundle co-ordinates...

Bundle price $164.00 Was $187.00

SkyeHigh 900

Winter and high altitude ready, ideal for Scottish winters, trekking Kilimanjaro, and Everest base camp. -13˚C limit 4 season sleeping bag weighing 1420 g with Nikwax Hydrophobic duck down.

Bundle price $265.00

SkyeHigh 500

Duck down comfort for getting a good night’s sleep throughout spring, summer and autumn. -4˚C limit 3 season sleeping bag weighing 970 g with Nikwax Hydrophobic duck down

Bundle price $205.00

Mountain Ghost 200

2 season Primaloft Silver synthetic sleeping bag, ideal for 2 season self-supported trips

Bundle price $100.00 Was $120.00

ArcticDream 1200 Hydrophobic

-33ºC expedition style goose down sleeping bag for the extreme cold and weighing 1700g

Bundle price $563.00

Alpine Dreamin starts with a good nights sleep

From our original AlpineDream over 15 years ago we make the best sleeping bags and have been using them for many more. We've come full circle with the lightweight PipeDream for fast and light backpacking, SkyeHigh down sleeping bags for essential warmth, AlpineDream for year-round camping, ArcticDream for extreme conditions, and not forgetting Mountain Ghost primaloft bags for camping and backpacking. Whether it is for just a quick summer overnight bivvy, winter wild camp on a Scottish mountain or an expedition to the Antarctic, we demand the best from our equipment. Our goose and duck down are sourced from non-force fed and non-live plucked farms and certified Responsible Down Standard.

Drawing on decades of design experience, we’ve been making sleeping bags for over 10 years, and using them for even longer. Whether you’re on a midweek summer microadventure, a midweek winter microadventure, an expedition to the Antarctic, or a trip to Everest base camp, we understand that your choice of sleeping bag can make or break a trip. We strive to use only high quality and responsibly sourced materials for our sleeping bags. All our down is RDS certified and hydrophobic; our synthetic bags use the leading synthetic technologies.

Responsible Down Standard

We use only RDS certified down; all our down is audited by a third party to ensure that it comes from birds who are not live-plucked, force-fed, or mistreated. That’s good to know.

Downtek Hydrophobic Down

A water repellent treatment makes our down less susceptible to humid conditions, staying lofted for longer, keepin you warmer and prolonging the overall lifespan of your down.

Primaloft Synthetic Insulation

Using a water repellent finish to improve performance in extreme conditions, Primaloft insulation maintains its thermal properties even when wet. It’s also easy to care for, packable, breathable, and super soft: mega!


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PipeDream ultra-lightweight goose down sleeping bag range

PipeDream provides insulation without the weight. Think of alpinists on mountain ledges or mountain marathon runners who think cutting their toothbrush in half is going to save them vital minutes on race day. These kind of people love PipeDreams because of their tiny size, weight and comfort: not for snuggly lie-ins.

Mountain Ghost synthetic sleeping bag range

A range of lightweight, packable synthetic bags for camping, backpacking, canoe touring, bike touring and world travel. Comfortable, soft touch polyester fabric reduces that clammy feel in warm weather and Primaloft Silver insulation in the 200 and 300 models ensures leading performance in the cold.

SkyeHigh duck down sleeping bag range

Whether you are high altitude trekking, travelling around the world, or want to kip on your mate's floor at Uni in luxury, SkyeHigh makes the perfect partner. SkyeHigh is our most versatile bag; light enough to carry up a mountain, compressable enough to stuff in a kayak and warm. It achieves the balance by using durable technical fabrics with a light DWR coating. Being made from 40D fabric, the SkyeHigh has the most attractive price-tag maxing the warmth for your wallet.