Our range of running gloves, waterproof gloves, bike gloves and all-out winter mountaineering gloves cover a whole range of activities to protect your hands and help withstand single-digit temperatures and beyond... Read more

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Black Yak Burwick

Hand knitted wool wristwarmers with microfleece liners

Bundle price £14.99
  • Tarmac
  • Reef
  • Fern

Black Yak Durran

Hand knitted wool wristwarmers with microfleece liners

Bundle price £16.99

Black Yak Toscaig

Hand knitted wool fingerless gloves, made in Nepal

Bundle price £14.99
  • Tarmac
  • Kelp

Black Yak Lyness

Hand knitted wool fingerless gloves with fold-over mitts

Bundle price £16.99

Specta Pullover Glove

Running gloves with stowable windproof pullover mitt and touchscreen fingertips

Was £23.99

Aura Grip Glove

Warm fleece gloves with a grippy silicon palm

Was £17.99

Aura Glove

Warm multi-purpose fleece glove for hillwalking

Was £14.99

Comet Glove

Adventure and mountain bike gloves with thin synthetic leather palms

Was £23.99
  • Black
  • Reef
  • Plum

Floe Glove

Tough MTB gloves for year-round coverage

Was £23.99

Rhythm Glove

Zoned palm padding and a natural feel for long distance rides

Was £19.99

Kepler Liner Glove

Merino liner glove corespun with nylon for durability

Bundle price From £21.99

Haline Glove

For dexterity and comfort on Alpine summers ascents

Was £39.99

Pola Glove

Waterproof gloves for protection from the cold, wind and rain

Was £29.99

Gabbro Glove

Excellent protection without leaving you feeling restricted

Was £54.99

Frazil Glove

With zoned insulation so you can maintain dexterity whilst technical climbing

Was £37.99

Shuga Glove

Midweight waterproof insulated winter glove for winter mountaineering and alpinism

Was £69.99

Bear Paws

Cycle pogies with Cordura outer, lined inner with microfleece cuffs

Was £99.99

Vulcan Glove

Balances digit dexterity and warmth for finger-freezing bike rides and winter hillwalking

Was £34.99

Gloves for extremities

There’s nothing worse than freezing fingers in the depths of winter, so we’ve developed a full range of gloves to give you a helping hand against the bitter cold.

Before we started Alpkit we worked for other outdoor brands and cut our teeth designing gloves. Many of these gloves are still on the market today, unchanged for over 20 years. It's with great pride that we've come full circle and bring all our knowledge and expertise into Alpkit performance gloves.