Women's Outdoor Swimming Wetsuits and Swimwear

Women's Outdoor Swimming Wetsuits and Swimwear

Tested in UK lakes, rivers and seas our wetsuits are designed by swimmers for great temperature retention, comfort and using buoyancy to promote a natural swimming style... Read more

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Terrapin Natural Swimming Wetsuit [Womens]

Natural swimming position with thinner more flexible neoprene

Bundle price £119.99

Lotic Swimming Wetsuit [Womens]

Our best all-round wetsuit for outdoor swimming in open water

Bundle price £149.99

Silvertip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit [Womens]

Fleece lined cold water swimming wetsuit

Bundle price £199.99

Duel Swim Run Wetsuit [Womens]

SwimRun specific wetsuit to swim, run, swim, run and do it again

Was £169.99


Long-sleeved one-piece swimsuit for outdoor swimming

Bundle price £34.99
  • Vino
  • Black


Two-piece swimsuit for outdoor swimming

Bundle price £24.99
  • Black
  • Lagoon

Hurley [Womens]

Long sleeved top for outdoor swimming without a wetsuit

Bundle price £29.99
  • Aqua
  • Black


Warm and weatherproof changing robe for before and after activity

Bundle price £79.99

Rydal Goggle

Flat lens outdoor swimming goggles with an antifog coating

Bundle price £9.99

Kisdon Goggle

Open water swimming goggles with UV protection, an antifog coating and curved lenses

Bundle price £14.99


Nose clip and ear plug set

Bundle price £2.99

Coniston Swimming Cap

Silicone swimming cap

Bundle price £3.99

Silvertip [Womens] - Ex-Demo

Try Silvertip for size in your local water

Bundle price £199.99

Duel [Womens] - Ex-Demo

Try Duel for size in your favourite SwimRun spot to discover its true versatility

Was £169.99

GNPDGT Beach Towel

100% cotton comfy and cosy beach towel

Bundle price £14.99

Alpkit Beach Towel

Highly towelled Alpkit towel with cotton towelling

Bundle price £14.99

Sonder Beach Towel

Highly towelled Sonder towel with cotton towelling

Bundle price £14.99

Made for outdoor swimming | Embrace the art of wild swimming

Whether you're swimming across Lakeland tarns or from buoy to buoy in the open seas, the Lotic all-round wetsuit will keep you afloat for hours. For colder water and winter swimming, try our Silvertip wetsuit for its thermal lining.

Our range of outdoor swimming wetsuits is designed in collaboration with wetsuit design legend Dean Jackson and the Outdoor Swimming Society.

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