Reduce. Reuse. Repair. Recycle.

We design with purpose: repair, reuse and recycle are at the forefront of our minds to make long-lasting performance products

What we're proud of

  • Trebled the use of recycled fabrics and materials in our products. 37% of our clothing now contains recycled content
  • Successful trial that eliminated single use plastic bags in shipping from our factories
  • Over 2850 repairs in 2021 in our Repair Stations
  • Found a new home for 5 tonnes of gear with Continuum
  • Zero to landfill at our main sites
  • Increased plastic free orders to 99%

  • This year we will

  • Double again our range of clothing products made with recycled content, targeting mid layers in particular
  • Extend the plastic free shipping to 50% of our clothing
  • All sites to be zero landfill in 2022
  • How we are investing in our staff and in the UK

    Find out how we use animal products responsibly

    We only work with the best factories in the world

    How we minimise our environmental impact