Respect our environment

We seek to minimise the harm of our gear throughout its life without compromise to performance or quality

What we achieved this year

  • Collaborated with all Tier 1 suppliers to develop environmental plans to reduce our impact
  • Continued our industry-wide work with the Microfibre Consortium and Single Use Plastic Project
  • Established a life cycle review project and helped original academic research
  • Committed to sustainable palm oil
  • Reduced our carbon intensity by 8% to 23kg
  • Extended our carbon footprint estimates for our entire value chain
  • Offset the estimate of our entire Scope 1, Scope 2 and freight emissions to be climate neutral

  • This year we will

  • Have minimum 50% renewable energy in our Tier 1 factories.
  • Estimate our product footprints using Higg Index
  • Continue to share our work with the outdoor industry through partnerships
  • 15% absolute reduction in our Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions in 2022
  • 10% reduction in our upstream Scope 3 on a per item carbon intensity
  • Reduce air freight to below 10% by value

  • Understanding our carbon footprint is incredibly exciting as it guides the action for us to respond to the climate crisis – we look at the whole-life from raw material to use and end of life.

    We estimate that two-thirds of the carbon impact of a product is from the raw materials and manufacture process. Just 15% of the impact is in your ownership.

    The single biggest thing you can do is use your gear for longer. Extending the life of our kit say from 3 years to 5 years will reduce your carbon footprint by 40%. And then pass it on or recycle when you’re done with it so it doesn’t go to landfill.

    We will do our bit to achieve our Science Based targets:

  • Choose environmentally preferable materials
  • Select factories based on their ethos and values
  • Minimise airfreight
  • Make products that are long lasting and durable
  • Switch to factories that use renewables in our supply chain
  • Repair all our products and offer Continuum to find products new homes when you’re done with them
  • Protecting the places we love for everyone

    We only work with the best factories in the world

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