Donate Your Old Wetsuit!

Donate Your Old Wetsuit!

By Col

Even the most beloved wetsuit will reach breaking point at some stage.  Keep the memories and send us your old wetsuit to continue its journey. 

Through Alpkit Continuum, we constantly look at ways for us and our customers to give outdoor gear a longer life and prevent it from ending up in landfill. Maybe unloved, maybe loved too much and beyond repair!

With a number of options, starting with our repair stations, we also work with partners who help us to re-use, re-home, re-cycle, re-purpose, reignite a products life. They are all important links in continuing the journey and avoiding the slide into landfill.

One particularly difficult material is neoprene, a petroleum based non-biodegradable material. With advances in alternatives slowly developing, there are limited recycling options meaning that tonnes of wetsuits are being disposed of each year, or simply stashed in the back of the garage waiting for that next clear out.

What do I do with a broken wetsuit?

First of all, bring your wetsuit in to our Wetsuit Hospital (*cough*, we mean repair station). We can have a look to see if it can be repaired.

Next up, if it's well past the point of return, then re-purposing or up-cycling come in to save the day.

Send us your damaged wetsuits through the Continuum Project. We then pass them on to our Continuum partner, Dirtbags Climbing, who use them to create new products, From laptop bags to ‘human coasters’ (neoprene mats for standing on/getting changed after a swim)!

We’ve been partnering up with Jennifer Wood, Director at Dirtbags Climbing, for a number of years now and they are always looking at ways of up-cycling and re-using old kit. 

“Being part of the Alpkit Continuum project has been a really positive experience. Not only for us but for the customers who bring old outdoor items in to store, it means they are also able to donate products that aren't necessarily usable again in their current state. As an upcycling project, we can use the items that can't be sent to the charities and therefore saving them from ending up in landfill. Broken, old or unsuitable things like wetsuits, faulty returns or climbing rope: we upcycle these goods. taking the usable components like the buckles, zips and fabric panels that are still good.”

How to donate

1. Put it into a bag or box, ready to post.
2. Create a mailing label on our Royal Mail Returns Page. Choose Continuum as the reason for your return and type "Continuum" in the order number box. If you'd like the parcel to be collected from your house, Royal Mail will do this for 60p. Just select this option on the screen after you create your label.
3. Print off the label and stick it to your parcel.
4. Drop it off at the Post Office (unless it's being picked up!)
5. Start dreaming about your wetsuit's new life! Maybe you will cross paths again.

Donate your wetsuit now!

Not just wetsuits...

We’re constantly keeping the journey going by taking all sorts of outdoor equipment and clothing. Check out all the other avenues they take at Alpkit Continuum


  • Hello,
    I was wondering if you ever have any small offcuts that you arent able to use, anything bigger then 5×5cm? I’m an artist and I run a lot of community workshops, neoprene is really great for kids to use to make prints from but I don;t want to buy any new I only want to use neoprene that would otherwise end up in the bin. I would tag you in instagram posts about the events saying you’d donated the neoprene.

    Thanks Alice


  • are you still collecting wet suits for recycling?

    Dionne flatman

  • Are you taking old wetsuits? I didn’t purchase mine through Alpkit. Would you accept those? If so, what should I put for the order number on the label? It’s a required field on the Royal Mail form. Thanks!

    Madie Paterson

  • Are you still taking old wetsuits ?

  • I have some old wetsuits I would like to donate please advise how I can go about this?

    Tony Miles

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