Fitting your outdoor swimming wetsuit

Getting into a swimming wetsuit is a little more involved than slipping into your favouritecords. Having the right size wetsuit makes things so much easier. If you pop into one of our stores you will be able to try them on, if you are buying online use can use our size chart to choose based on your height and your weight.Remember our wetsuits are sized for a performance fit. By this we mean that It needs to be close-fitting to keep you warm, provide buoyancy and prevent drag when you swim.If you are just getting into outdoor swimming or prefer a comfort fit we would suggest going a size up.

To help you choose your perfect swim-fit we offer aTry Before You Buyscheme.

Putting your wetsuit on

  • If you are putting your wetsuit on for the first time we recommend you try it at home with your favourite bathing suit underneath. Make sure your fingernails are trim.

  • Push your feet through the legs and,grasping the inside of the suit, feed the wetsuit as high up your legs as possible.The ankle cuffs should be a couple of inches up your leg.

  • Get the suit as high into your crotch as possibleby feeding the suit with your palms (rememberneveruse yourfingertips on the Glideskin).

  • Pull the wetsuit up over your torso and slide in your arms: pull the wrist cuffs up a couple of inches from the wrist bone and then work the neoprene up into your armpits as much as possible. 

  • Flex your shoulders backwards as you pull the zip up.If necessary, bend forwards and gently pull the neoprene up from your stomach.Remember to use the pads of your fingers!

How should the wetsuitfeel onceon?

Remember our wetsuits are sized for a performance fit. By this we mean that It needs to be close-fitting to keep you warm, provide buoyancy and prevent drag when you swim. The wetsuit should feel 'comfortably compressing' when dry and may feel tight around the collar. Unless you are into seventies glam rock, a wetsuit will probably be the most close-fitting item you’ll ever wear. It should feel snug with some pressure, without restricting your range of motion. (If you’re a runner, think compression tights.)

Don’t fit it too tight: it shouldnotfeelpainfuland itdefinitely shouldn’tcut off your circulation. If you prefer a comfort fit go up a size.

  • Is it tight around the crotch? Your wetsuit should be pulled up so that it’s snug around the legs, there should be no room around the crotch.

  • The arm and leg length aren’t key considerations – if too short it won’t affect your swimming, and if a little too long you may be able to trim them down (this is not the case with all wetsuits, check with the retailer first).

  • How does the collar fit? The neck is an area prone tochafing, it shouldn’t feel constrictive (wetsuits with lower cut collars are usually more generously sized and less constricting).

  • It shouldn’t be baggy around the small of your back, as it will billow out and fill with water as you swim.

  • Tightness at the chest/shoulders?Try pulling your wetsuit further up your body and more into your armpits.

  • Fold of neoprene at joints and on limbs? Your wetsuit is too big.

  • Pulling down at the shoulder or up at the crotch. Your wetsuit is too small.

  • Too tight at the front of the neck?Try pulling thewetsuit up at the back to square of the shoulders by putting your hands either side of your head and slide your thumbs inside the wetsuit at the back (either side of the zip). Pull up with your fingers and thumbs and wiggle your body. Remember – don’t use your nails!

Gettingyour wetsuitoff again

Getting a wetsuit off is much easier when it is wet.

  • Pull thevelcrozip flap open, find the zip lanyard and unzip all the way down.

  • Pull the wetsuit from your shoulder (using your thumb on the inside) one at a time to free your back and chest.

  • Firmly but gently, pull the suit down each arm one at a time (the sleeves will end up inside out).

  • Now peel the suit as far down as possible from the waist (just below the knees). If possible, sit down to peel it down over your legs (one at a time).

  • Your wetsuit should now be inside out. Follow the steps below to keep it in tip-top condition!

Practical tips

If putting your wetsuit on at the waters edge make sure you put a mat down on the ground to protect the wetsuit. A swimming costume under your wetsuit is optional but may protect your modesty if you fail to execute these steps cleanly.

Remember that Glide-skin neoprenecan be easily snagged by sharp objects such as your fingernails.

Ladies, I’ve found that working the wetsuit overmyhips can be a bit of mission. Be prepared for this when you put your suit on and just stick with it!(Remember the reward of glorious open water swimming).

Puttingplastic bags over your feet and hands makes it easier to get them through the leg and armholes and prevents your nails from snagging on the neoprene.

It is easier to put on a wetsuit when you’re cool and calm. Gettinghot and sweatymakes itmuch more difficult!

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