First Aid and Emergency

First Aid and Emergency

Emergency essentials for getting lost in the wilderness.

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Expedition compass with clear and precise markings when navigating
£9.99 £14.99
Backpacking compass suitable for day hikers and DofE participants
£6.99 £9.99
Orienteering and fell running compass with adjustable thumb strap
£11.99 £14.99
Transparent waterproof map case with a sealed roll-top closure
Survival whistle for attracting attention in emergency situations
£1.24 £1.99
Fully customisable medical/adventure rucksack: UK Made, 24 litre
For dealing with backpacking emergencies in wild places
Race requirements kit in re-sealable foil bag for on-the-hill emergencies
£7.49 £9.99
Comprehensive emergency first aid kit in a roll-top waterproof bag
Waterproof dry bag to keep your first aid kit dry
Palm-sized water filtration system
Fold-up stainless steel camping trowel for digging holes
£7.49 £9.99
Orange single person survival bag; a safety essential
£5.99 £7.99
Waterproof and windproof 2-person storm shelter
£24.99 £29.99
Waterproof and windproof 4-person storm shelter
£29.99 £39.99
Waterproof and windproof 8-person storm shelter
£39.99 £49.99
Folding foam sit mat to keep your bum warm and dry on lunch stops
£8.99 £11.99
Lightweight friction fire lighter for quick and easy fire lighting
Credit card-sized tick remover with two sizes of tweezers
Lightweight headnet to protect you from biting insects
Pair of disposable hand warmers, 50°C for 8-10 hours
Pair of disposable toe warmers, 50°C for 8-10 hours
20,000mAh compact power bank for week-long charging
10,000mAh portable power bank for weekend charging

First Aid and Emergency

First aid kits are a must carry essential. Whether you're trying to meet FRA kit regs or heading off on a backpacking adventure, you never know when it might need it.