"Let me put my sunglasses on. That's the law around here, you got to wear your sunglasses. So you can feel cool." And to keep out UV rays and bits of grit... Read more

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Go chase the sun, sunglasses for adventures with cool UV protection.

Was £14.99
  • Black and Gold
  • Black and Ice
  • Tortoise


Anti-fog cycling eyewear. Protection from mud, grit and the elements

Was £19.99
  • Matt Black
  • Reef


Classic sunglasses with a woodgrain finish for active days in the sun

Bundle price £16.99


Performance sport sunglasses with all-angle category 3 UV protection

Bundle price £19.99


Polarised floating sunglasses with a wraparound frame for protection from the sun

Bundle price £19.99


Go chase the winter sun, sunglasses with cool UV protection.

Bundle price £12.99


Wrap-around sports sunglasses for hiking, climbing and biking

Bundle price £12.99


Running and cycling sunglasses with spare low-light lens

Bundle price £12.99


Wrap-around cycling sunglasses with air vents

Bundle price £12.99

Eye Protection for Life Outdoors

As much as we love the sun, we love it ever so slightly less when it's in our eyes!

Our range of eyewear is designed around all the activities we love. The cyclists at Alpkit opt for the Spectra or Kruger, the paddlers wear the Resolution, and the mountaineers, climbers and runners go for the Helio and Diffusion every time. The rest of the time, we'll be kicking around wearing the classic-style of Rancho, Mirage and Flux.