Camping Accessories

Camping Accessories

Whether it's lightweight backpacking essentials or everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-home-comforts, you can never have enough camping paraphernalia... Read more

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Ultra-light inflatable pillow for multi-day hikes, bike tours and overnight adventures

Bundle price £12.99

Vagabond Table

Lightweight and collapsible camping table

Bundle price £39.99


2 litre hydration bladder with a lockable bite valve

Bundle price £15.99


13 litre expandable water carrier with valve tap

Bundle price £11.99

Clip / Single

Stainless steel 350ml flask for hot or cold fluids

Bundle price £10.99


Tough 700 ml stainless steel insulated flask

Bundle price £9.99


Polished stainless steel hip flask to carry your favourite tipple

Bundle price £17.99

Arlo Trowel

Fold-up aluminium camping trowel for digging holes

Bundle price £9.99


Lightweight friction fire lighter with a 3000℃

Bundle price £9.99


Compact and squeezable BPA free travel bottles

Bundle price £13.99

GNPDGT Beach Towel

100% cotton comfy and cosy beach towel

Bundle price £14.99


Lightweight stainless steel wire saw for cutting timber, plastic and more

Bundle price £4.99

Fredd 3

3mm Camping Utility Cord

Bundle price £5.99

Fredd 4

4mm Camping Utility Cord

Bundle price £6.99


Set of 5 shiny red and grey micro clips

Bundle price £5.99


Pair of lightweight titanium accessory carabiners

Bundle price £7.99


Rubber camping mallet for pegging out your tent

Bundle price £5.99

Candy Canes

Round wire, aluminium, hook tent peg

Bundle price £8.49


Super strong, long aluminium pegs for hard packed grounds

Bundle price £14.99


Pack of 6 high load strength, lightweight titanium V-pegs

Bundle price £19.99

TiRods (6 pack)

Pack of 6 titanium tent pegs weighing just 15 grams each

Bundle price £23.99

Stormsure Tuff Patches

Self adhesive waterproof patches for fixing your outdoor kit

Bundle price From £4.99

Stormsure Repair Kit for Inflatables

Ah, summertime (and winter sunshine), the perfect time to get out the lilo and laze...

Bundle price £4.99

Stormsure Watersports Repair Kit

Waterproof repair kit suitable for wetsuits, drysuits and other waterproof items

Bundle price £9.99


Microfibre travel towel, superfine and 1/3 of the weight of a regular towel

Bundle price £7.99

Slack Kit

Complete slackline with everything you need to get you started

Was £39.99

Go Nice Places Bottle / 600ml / Clear

600 ml drinks bottle to keep you hydrated

Bundle price £2.99

Swig bottle

Drinks bottle in 750 ml or 500 ml

Bundle price £2.99
  • Blue
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Red

Rain Shadow Umbrella

Time-honoured rain protection: the simple brolly

Bundle price £14.99

AA Duracell Procell Batteries

A box of 10 single AA Batteries for your every need

Bundle price £3.99

Sugru - Pack of 8

Moldable rubber that can fix most things

Bundle price £12.99
  • Black
  • Black and White
  • Mixed

Nikwax Down Proof

Wash-in reproofer use it alongside Nikwax Tech Wash

Bundle price From £7.25

Nikwax Tech Wash

Non-detergent cleaner for washing your waterproofs

Bundle price From £4.75

Nikwax TX Direct Spray On

Spray-on reproofer for restoring water repellency

Bundle price From £8.25

Nikwax Down Wash

Wash-in down cleaner for revitalising your down-filled equipment and clothing

Bundle price From £6.50

Nikwax Twin Tech Wash / TX Direct

Twin pack of tech wash and spray-on reproofer

Bundle price From £11.25

Grangers Wash and Repel Clothing 2 In 1

2 in 1 technical clothing wash and reproofer. Bluesign approved.

Bundle price From £11.99

Grangers Down Wash Kit

Down washing kit to maintain the performance of your down filled clothing and equipment.

Bundle price £11.99

Little things that make all the difference

From tent pegs and pillows to fire lighters and first aid kits, a camping trip sometimes requires a few added extras "just in case". We have one of the largest selections of aluminium and titanium tent poles, pegs and spares and now's a great time to lighten the load.