The sparer of hands, the stabiliser of tents, Drub is a simple mallet for getting your tent pegs well-embedded in the ground without getting sore hands.

Drub's rubber head is less likely to wake your neighbours when you arrive at the campsite after dark. And it won't damage your tent pegs (whether they’re metal, plastic or wooden). The wooden handle feels nice in your hands. Like wood. Well-sanded wood.

Whether you’re car camping in North Wales, or pitching up for a few weeks in Scotland, throw the Drub in your boot and make building your canvas home a joy.


Key Features

  • Advanced Whack-it-in™ mallet technology
  • Rubber head reduces risk of damage to tent pegs
  • Saves you hurting your hands in dry ground
  • Won't wake up the entire campsite when you arrive late
  • A lick of paint on the handle to make it look nice
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Materials: Wooden handle, rubber head


28cm x 9cm x 5cm



Origin: China