Lightweight Dry Bags

Lightweight Dry Bags

We love waterproof dry bags to keep our kit dry and free from damp, dirt and dust. Use them inside other bags to protect valuable electronics... Read more

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Airlok 36l

36 litre roll-top drybag: silicone-coated ripstop nylon with fully-taped seams

Bundle price £16.99

Hydra Wallit / Regular / Tarmac

Keep your phone protected from water and dirt

Bundle price £11.99

Airlok Xtra 3l

Ideal for carrying valuables and clothing

Bundle price £9.99

Airlok Xtra 8l

Ideal as a pack liner, a swimming float, or for carrying clothing

Bundle price £13.49

Airlok Xtra 13l

Idealr lining your pack or carrying a sleeping mat

Bundle price £15.99

Airlok Xtra 20l

Ideal for lining your pack or carrying a sleeping mat

Bundle price £19.99

Airlok Xtra 35l

Ideal for lining your pack or carrying expedition gear

Bundle price £22.99

Airlok Xtra 65l

Ideal for lining your pack or carrying everything on an expedition

Bundle price £32.99
  • Black
  • Kelp
  • Chilli

Airlok Dual 13l

Bestselling 13 litre dual ended bikepacking handlebar drybag

Bundle price £12.99

Airlok Tapered 13l

10 L seat pack drybag liner with roll-top closure

Bundle price From £14.99
  • Black
  • Chilli

Gourdon 20

Waterproof 20 litre back pack with bungees and mesh pockets

Bundle price £31.99
  • Lego
  • Black

Gourdon 25

Waterproof 25 litre roll-top drybag back pack

Bundle price £35.99
  • Black
  • Chilli

Gourdon 30

Waterproof 30 litre back pack with mesh pockets

Bundle price £39.99

Stormsure Tuff Patches

Self adhesive waterproof patches for fixing your outdoor kit

Bundle price From £4.99

Lightweight Waterproof Dry Bags

Our Airlok roll-top dry bags protect your valuables and equipment from water, sand and dirt. The simple design is lightweight, robust and long-lasting. They start from small 1 litre bags for valuables through to expedition 65 litre carry-alls.

The Airlok Xtra's have added attachment points whilst the Dual is a double ended roll-top to make all your belongings accessible whilst attached to a pack or bike. The Airlok Tapered can be combined with a koala seat bag for backpacking protection. For more info on waterproof dry bags read Jay's The How and Why of using the Alpkit Dry Bag Range

Watch: How to Use a Dry Bag