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Mountain Ghost

-0.8ºC Synthetic sleeping bag that feels like down

Double Dozer

7.5cm thick double self-inflating mat. 5 star camping comfort.


Full length 375g ultralight inflatable camping mattress

Kepler Long Sleeve [Womens]

Premium Merino long sleeve top

Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers


lightweight 125 lumen LED head torch



Ultralight bivvy bag/sleeping bag cover

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Big Shakeout festival
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Start Line
27 07 2015

Tryweryn Festival and Cardboard Canoe Race 2015
Alpkit Sponsored the Cardboard Canoe race at Tryweryn 2015

Father's Day Card
03 07 2015

#Alpkit dadventure - The Top 3
Favourite #alpkitdadventure competition adventures

19 06 2015

Meek Dadventures
Father Meek inspiration

Fran ropes
30 07 2015

My First Climbing Rope
Some things to think about when choosing your first rope

Tent Village
23 07 2015

OutDoor Friedrichshafen 2015
The outdoor Industry trade show - held in Germany

22 07 2015

The Big Shakeout - What to expect?
What's it all about?

Cairngorm gear testing
27 02 2015

Alpkit Bikepacking - Little steps…
Ben describes some small developments in our UK products

25 02 2015

Sleeping bags 2015
Jay finds out what Alpkit's sleeping bag developments for 2015

12 02 2015

Mantas are sold out? What’s coming next…
Our range of lights is increasing, we take a closer look

Women Climb IndieGoGo
21 07 2015

Alpkit supporting WomenClimb
We are supporting Women Climb's IndieGoGo campaign

Cliff 1
07 07 2015

Cliffhanger 2015
Sheffield's Adventure Festival

Bantham swoosh
22 06 2015

We’re going to the Bantham Swoosh 2015
Fancy the swoosh?