Sleeping Bags and Camping Mats

Sleeping Bags and Camping Mats

After a busy day of outdoor activity, you can't underestimate the value of a good night's kip. Winter or summer, packing light or basecamp luxury, we'll sort you out... Read more

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Cloud Base

Lightweight inflatable camping mat just 420g and 5 cm thick

Was £44.99


Ultra-light inflatable pillow for multi-day hikes, bike tours and overnight adventures

Was £13.99


Big chamber full length inflatiable sleeping mat

Was £47.99

PipeDream 400 Hydrophobic

Ultra-lightweight 3 season goose down sleeping bag weighing 865g

Was £219.99

Pipedream 200 Hydrophobic

Ultra-lightweight goose down sleeping bag weighing 545g

Was £159.99


Our most luxuriously comfortable camping mat

Bundle price £59.99

Cloud Cover

Lightweight down camping quilt with 750 fill power goose down

Bundle price £99.99


Full-length inflatable camping mat with a built-in foam pump

Was £54.99

Airo 120

Torso length self-inflating mat, weighing 450 g

Was £37.99


The baddest self-inflating mat for all those dirtbag moments

Was £64.99

Mountain Ghost 200

Primaloft Silver 2 season sleeping bag

Was £89.99

Double Dozer

Luxurious double self-inflating sleeping mat. Sleep in 5-star comfort

Bundle price £99.99

Pipedream 600 Hydrophobic

Ultra-lightweight 4 season goose down sleeping bag weighing 1085g

Was £279.99

Mountain Ghost 300

Primaloft Silver 3 season sleeping bag

Was £119.99

SkyeHigh 500

3 season down sleeping bag: -4°C limit

Was £154.99

Skyehigh 700

4 season down sleeping bag: -8°C limit

Was £179.99

Airo 180

Full length lightweight and compact self-inflating camping mat

Was £44.99

Napster / Grey

8 mm closed cell foam mat use alone or as an insulation layer

Bundle price £8.99

Lofting Bag

Organic cotton home storage bag for sleeping bags

Was £5.99

SkyeHigh 900

4 season down sleeping bag: -13°C limit

Was £199.99

Mountain Ghost 140

Summer synthetic sleeping bag

Was £69.99

Longest Day Sleep Out Bundle

Sleep out bag, mat, pack bundle

Was £156.96

Winter Sleep Out Bundle

Enjoy Winter Camping

Was £241.97

Air Pump 20l

Sleeping mat pump doubling as a dry bag

Bundle price £9.99

3 Season Sleep Out Bundle

Get out in 3 seasons a year with this sleeping bag and mat combo

Was £214.97

Alpine Dreamin starts with a great nights sleep

From our original AlpineDream over 15 years ago we've been making high quality, excellent value sleeping bags. Our range now includes the ultralight PipeDream for fast and light backpacking, SkyeHigh for essential warmth, AlpineDream for adventures at altitude, ArcticDream for extreme conditions, and not forgetting Mountain Ghost primaloft bags for camping and backpacking.

With a plethora of camping mats available, we'll have you covered for warm nights in winter and cool kips in summer.

Responsible Down Standard

We use only RDS certified down; all our down is audited by a third party to ensure that it comes from birds who are not live-plucked, force-fed, or mistreated. That’s good to know.

Downtek Hydrophobic Down

A water repellent treatment makes our down less susceptible to humid conditions, staying lofted for longer, keepin you warmer and prolonging the overall lifespan of your down.

Primaloft Synthetic Insulation

Using a water repellent finish to improve performance in extreme conditions, Primaloft insulation maintains its thermal properties even when wet. It’s also easy to care for, packable, breathable, and super soft: mega!

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