Fat pad camping doesn't getter better than this. When carrying it is not an option then this is the only option. The mat for car based comfort.

At 7.5 cm thick, this is the most comfortable camping mattress we make. It is so fat that some people claim it is even more comfortable than sleeping in their bed at home. This camping mat has been developed for maximum comfort so the surface fabric is a heavier, more luxurious, soft touch polyester for next to the skin performance. The foam has been cored laterally through the mid section of the mat to reduce weight whilst retaining insulation and support. To reduce weight further the foam has been die cut in less load bearing areas to further reduce pack size.

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Key Features

  • Compression stuffsack and repair kit included
  • Cored and die cut for reduced weight and bulk
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Fabric: Soft-touch polyester


Weight: 1900 g Dimensions: 194 x 62 x 7 cm Packed size: ⌀ 22 x 66 cm

Warmth rating

R-value: 6.8

Origin: China

Alpkit Camping Essentials in VeloMe

Filoment jacket which surprised me on how warm and comfy it is, and stylish!

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Dozer in action