Our tents are tested for adventure the world over from lightweight backpacking and bikepacking to mountaineering and arctic expedition tents. Whether you need security and shelter from high mountain storms or lightweight refuge from the rugged forest floor, we have a tent to suit your next wander into the unknown... Read more

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One person backpacking tent. 3 season weighing 1.2 kg

Bundle price From £119.99


2 person 3 season geodesic backpacking tent weighing 3 kg

Bundle price £149.99
  • Kelp
  • Chilli

Viso 2

3 season backpacking tunnel tent weighing 3.3 kg

Bundle price £169.99
  • Chilli
  • Kelp

Viso 3

Large living areas and strong weather protection whilst being light enough to carry

Bundle price £199.99
  • Chilli
  • Kelp

Ordos 2

Ultralight 2 person semi-geodesic backpacking tent

Bundle price From £269.99
  • with Footprint
  • with Footprint

Ordos 3

Ultralight 3 person semi-geodesic backpacking tent

Bundle price From £309.99

Jaran 2

Twin porch ultralight 2 person 3 season backpacking tent

Bundle price From £279.99

Jaran 3

Twin porch ultralight 3 person 3 season backpacking tent

Bundle price From £329.99


Extremely strong 2 person 4 season geodesic mountain tent

Bundle price From £479.99


4 person 4 season mountain tent. Exceptional protection

Bundle price From £659.99

Candy Canes

Round wire, aluminium, hook tent peg

Bundle price £8.49


Super strong, long aluminium pegs for hard packed grounds

Bundle price £14.99


Pack of 6 high load strength, lightweight titanium V-pegs

Bundle price £19.99

TiRods (6 pack)

Pack of 6 titanium tent pegs weighing just 15 grams each

Bundle price £23.99


Pair of lightweight titanium accessory carabiners

Bundle price £7.99

Fredd 4

4mm Camping Utility Cord

Bundle price £6.99


Rubber camping mallet for pegging out your tent

Bundle price £5.99

Soloist Footprint

Protective footprint to tuck under your Soloist

Bundle price £24.99

Ordos 2 Footprint

Footprint your Ordos 2 groundsheet to give it extra protection

Bundle price £39.99

Jaran 2 Footprint

Protect your Jaran 2 from protrusions, water and muddy ground

Bundle price £39.99

Jaran 3 Footprint

Protect and extend the life of your Jaran 3

Bundle price £49.99

What makes Alpkit Tents and Shelter

An Alpkit lightweight tent has all the protection you need from the outdoors without compromising on weight. Save your energy for the walk-in! Nobody likes to find the perfect tent spot only to realise the light is fading and you'll have to spend the next hour pitching in the dark.

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