When you’re sleeping out in nature, you don’t necessarily want nature sleeping in with you! The Mora Bug Net hangs over and envelops your hammock to keep many-legged neighbours on the outside.

In some parts of the world, insect protection is essential. But that’s not just around the equator – that can be Scotland in August! The B3 mesh is fine enough to keep out midges, mosquitoes and any other unwelcome biting things, but still allows you to sleep out in the open.

The Mora Bug Net has been designed to be used with our Mora single sleeper hammock, but a universal attachment system allows it to be used with any hammock. A simple drawstring closure tightens the net around the head and feet, using the lines on your existing set-up.

A cord along the top can be tied above your hammock to give you room to sit up and check for snakes (only kidding). And the zipped side entrance can be set up on either side. The integrated stuff bag turns into a handy pocket when pitched, giving you somewhere to stash your head torch.


Key Features

  • Works perfectly with the Mora Hammock
  • Universal attachment system to work with other hammocks
  • Simple drawstring closure so slot over your hammock lines
  • Zipped entrance can be set up on either side
  • Top line can be tied above your hammock for space to sit up
  • Attached stuff bag doubles as pocket when pitched
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats




390cm x 140cm


20d Polyester B3 Mesh

Origin: China


Mora Bug Net in action