The Mora UnderQuilt is an insulated layer that hangs beneath your hammock, reducing heat loss to the surrounding air, just like a sleeping mat would on the ground.

  • Damp-proof insulation with a water-repellent outer fabric
  • Small pack-size like a sleeping mat but more effective for hammocks
  • Durable insulation withstands repeated compressions and washing

Sleeping mats aren’t always well-suited to hammock camping – never mind comfortable! But because the weight of your body compresses your sleeping bag fill, you still need some insulation below you on colder nights. The Mora UnderQuilt insulates you from the surrounding air, reducing heat loss and keeping you as snug as a bug in a… well, a hammock.

Simple to attach and hang in place, the UnderQuilt uses vertical cords with adjustors to clip into your existing hammock set-up and caribiners. It’s designed to work specifically with the Mora Hammock but should work well with other hammocks too (depending on their design).

We’ve chosen 140gsm Thermolite Ecomade insulation for the UnderQuilt, a compressible fill with a high warmth to weight ratio. Because it’s made from synthetic fibres, it retains its structure when damp, resisting clumping to keep you warm. This means it’s well suited to moist and misty nights in the woods, or extended camping trips. The outer fabric is also treated with a PFC-free water repellent for extra damp protection.

Thermolite Ecomade also recovers better after repeated compressions, providing long-lasting warmth for repeated use, season after season. It has much better washing durability too, so you don’t need to worry about bunging your quilt in the washing machine when it gets a bit musty.


Vital stats


Quilt size: 210cm x 140cm
Packed size: 40cm x 17cm
Weight: 692g


Outer: 20D Nylon fabric
Insulation: 140gsm2 Thermolite T3E-ML Ecomade

CLO Value


Origin: China

Care & Environmental Advice

Product Care Information

Your UnderQuilt doesn’t like to feel cooped up. Storing it uncompressed will extend its life and allow it to regain its loft quicker after unpacking.

Environmental considerations

Thermolite Ecomade
Thermolite EcoMade is a polyester-based insulation using 35% recycled content, including from plastic bottles.

The Mora Underquilt uses a PFC-free durable water repellent treatment on its outer fabric to help shed moisture. PFCs are potentially harmful chemicals that have been found to build up in the environment.


The Details