Alpkit Edinburgh

56 Causewayside




Tel:0131 564 1281

Welcome to Alpkit Edinburgh! Our first Scottish store is finally open. Come in and make yourself comfy, grab a cuppa, read a magazine, refill your water bottle, and take a look round the store.


Capital of Scotland, seat of the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament and the supreme courts of Scotland. The Palace of Holyrood house, a big castle, and now home to Scotland's first Alpkit store. We love Scotland. 

There really is so much to love about Scotland and what it can offer to those passionate about the outdoors, so it was only a matter of time before we opened a store here.

Opening Times


Making a Visit to Alpkit Edinburgh a Safe One

To ensure the safety of all our staff and customers, we're implementing new measures across our stores:

  1. A limit on the number of customers in store at once to allow for ample space for social distancing
  2. Screens where appropriate (such as at the tills and repair stations)
  3. Handwash and sanitising stations on entrance and around each store
  4. A separate entrance and exit where possible
  5. Re-configured layout to help open up floor space (where possible) and make social distancing easier
  6. One-way systems in place where appropriate
  7. Signs and notices to help keep everyone informed

We're cram packed full of Alpkit gear goodness!

Think of us as your Lothian base camp, a really well-equipped gear store with the entire Alpkit product range inside. We've got wetsuits to try on, bikepacking luggage to fit for size and sleeping bags packed up to show their pack sizes. You can hire a bouldering mat, demo a bike, or book your tired and weary kit in for repair. Or you can just come in and hang out when you're soggy and tired after a full day running, biking or hiking!

Services available at Alpkit Edinburgh

Continuum Project

Give your retired gear a second life by donating it to our Continuum project to be adopted by someone who really needs it. 

Bike Workshop

Treat your bike to a bit of TLC and a rest from the mountains with our Sonder bike mechanics.

Tent Display Room

Discover our finest indoor campsite. Try out our tents: put them up, pack them away, take a nap...

Meet the store team