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Airlok 12L

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The Airlok dry bags keep your kit safe and dry inside rucksacks and bike bags for less weight than your average bar of chocolate.

  • Fully watertight with a roll-top closure
  • Lightweight and hardwearing riptstop fabric
  • Different colours for organising your kit

The Airloks' are fully watertight with taped seams, a roll-top closure (3 full turns should do to the trick) and the same high tech waterproof fabric we use for tarps and tents. This ripstop Cordura® nylon fabric is lightweight, super hardwearing and siliconised for extra water repellence.

Each size of Airlok is a different colour to make organising your kit easier (and reduce rooting about inside a dingy rucksack). And an added handle makes them easier to fish out from overfilled packs.

With 7 different sizes, there's an Airlok for everything: spare clothing, sleeping bag, even your emergency toilet roll! Oh no. We forgot the toilet roll. Dock leaf it is then...

The Airlok 12L is the ideal size for a big down jacket, 3 season down sleeping bag, carrying clothes on a multi-day backpack, or as a small daypack liner.


Key Features

  • Fully waterproof fabric with a roll-top closure and taped seams
  • Lightweight but extremely durable ripstop Cordura® nylon
  • Strap on the base for easy unpacking/fishing out of packs
  • Multi-coloured for organising your kit inside your rucksack
  • Siliconised outer provides extra water repellency
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Fabric: Silnylon 30D Cordura® with PU waterproofing
Polypropylene stiffener, Hypalon® seal
20mm Plastic buckle


Capacity: 12 litres
25 x 15 x 50cm



Sustainability & Care

Product Care Information

Once you’re back from your adventure, make sure your Airlok bag is completely dry before storing it as water can break down the PU coating over time. If you’re storing wet gear inside your Airlok, turn it inside out first to protect the PU waterproofing and let the siliconised fabric do its job.


​PVC releases toxins which make their way into the environment. That’s why we use PU coated nylon rather than PVC for our dry bags. The result is a sack that is durable, can withstand a great range of temperatures, and won’t release any toxic chemicals.