Hooped waterproof bivvy bag

Spring in to bivvying with kit that makes the transition

By Kenny Stocker

A 3-season bivvy needs smart gear. Your spring break packing list should include lightweight warmth and weather protection, ready for the fickle spring breeze.

Bivvying, or bivouacking offers a minimalist and lightweight camping experience that brings you closer, much closer to nature. If we are honest, it isn't for everyone. 'Everyone' doesn't want to get closer to nature. We are a niche, and we can celebrate that, but we're not elitist, this door is wide open.

As spring starts to nudge aside old frosty pants, sleeping outdoors somehow springs to mind, it must be buried deep in our amygdala. In this period of transition the weather could do absolutely anything, so what are we going to do, stay at home?

Nah, you're not everyone. The only thing we can do of course is fall back on what we know; choosing great kit and developing the skills to use it. By choosing the right gear, you can enjoy a comfortable night under the stars, connecting with the outdoors in the old fashioned way.

Choosing your bivvy bag

For spring nights a bivvy bag is crucial. You'll want something lightweight, waterproof, and breathable to prevent condensation. Our range includes options like the Elan hooped bivvy, and the Hunka XL, a larger option for extra space without sacrificing breathability. These bags offer a hydrostatic head rating of 10,000mm, to keep you dry even during showers or spring snowfall - you never know. They don't keep you warm though. For that you need your sleeping bag.

Insulation for spring nights

A sleeping bag with a good comfort range is essential to keep you warm early in the season. You are bivvying, so ok you are carrying it. Lightweight is an advantage, but don't get hung up on that. Depending on your budget go for warmth over weight savings. We recommend a down or synthetic sleeping bag rated for 3-season use. This should handle the temperatures you're likely to encounter.

Additional comfort

No, it's not a teddy bear. It's your bed. A lightweight, insulated sleeping mat will protect you from the ground. The ground surface is still cold and will suck the heat out of you as you lay there shivering. You shouldn't be surprised to wake up to a ground frost this time of year, so get wise and get a camping mat.

Pay special attention to what is under your mat. Bivvying you will have less protection than inside a tent and the last thing you want is a midnight puncture. A closed cell foam camping mat can give piece of mind, but is slightly bulkier to carry.

Dress like your ready to save the world at a moments notice

The best part of a bivvy is when you are warm, dry and snuggled up in your bivvy bag. Your nose is sticking out and your eyes transfixed by the insane number of stars there are in the night sky. However, you do need to get in and out of your bivvy bag, and this leaves some people feeling a little exposed.

Layering your clothing is a wise move, starting with moisture-wicking, quick-drying base layers and adding a lightweight fleece midlayer. Add hat, gloves and fluffy dry socks and you will make the tricky entry and exit stages just a little more comfortable. Keep your waterproof jacket close at hand - use it as a pillow or keep it in a dry bag should the morning bring a damp start.


Bivvying is an adventure that rewards simplicity and creativity. It is difficult to predict conditions early in the season, but with the right gear, including a bivvy bag, 3 season sleeping bag and a sleeping mat, you're set for a comfortable nights sleep.

Bivvy Bags

Waterproof and breathable bivvy bag weighing less than 400g
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Lightweight, waterproof hooped bivvy bag weighing less than 1kg
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