Just when you thought the Hunka was the perfect bivvy bag for you, we came up with the XL.

Sleep can make or break your long awaited adventure. A solid night of warm, dry sleep will ensure that you can tackle the challenges of the following day with strength and motivation.

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Lofting space is a fundamental. The Hunka XL is in its element when protecting mountaineers from wind and water. The spacious construction allows plenty of room for a big 4 season down bag to loft and keep you toasty warm. No more squashed up down! Hooray!

For users over 6’1" and those with broad shoulders, we recommend the Hunka XL. It has been particularly popular with rugby players for this reason! The extra space allows you to store belongings at the foot of the bag or have your sleeping mat inside the bivvy bag, keeping everything lovely and dry. Who wants to put a sopping wet sleeping mat covered with slug trails back inside their rucksack- not me for sure!

Despite this palatial spaciousness, the Hunka XL still weighs in at 500 g and rolls up to a teeny, some would even say microscopic, 23 cm x 27 cm size. This makes the Hunka XL an ideal choice for expeditions, bikepacking or any imaginable adventure where space is a consideration.

Made from ripstop nylon and with a handy drawstring closure, the Hunka XL is your best friend when out on a wild camp.

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Key Features

  • Lightweight, breathable, and waterproof
  • Tapered shape, sculpted hood with dual drawcords
  • Fully taped seams enhance water resistance
  • Non-zip for minimalist bivvying
  • Integral stuff sack
  • Ideal for tall bivviers, or small bivviers putting their mat in their bag.
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Fabric: 2.5 layer Ripstop nylon Waterproofing: HH 10,000 mm Breathability: MVP of 10,000 g/m²/24 hour


Weight: 490 g Length: 235 cm Width: Shoulders - 98 cm; Feet - 72 cm Packed size: ⌀ 16 x 23 cm

Origin: China

Faraway Visions review Hunka

It packs up nice and small in its very own little integrated home, which is wonderful if you’re an untidy camper. No need to go looking for some cute little drawstring sack when you’re up before dawn freezing your nuts off.

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Singletrack review the Hunka XL
Normal sized people will find that there’s enough room in this waterproof bivvy bag to keep your sleeping bag fluffy rather than compressed, and give you a little wriggle room for a more comfortable night of sleep.
Author: Chipps - Singletrack
TGO Review Hunka

the Hunka is an excellent bivvy bag. It does everything needed at an amazingly low price

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Wilderness Skills Rig 3.5

My minimalist tarp set up using the Alpkit rig 3.5. Absolutely crazily small pack size but full coverage. This set up was similar in size to a typical hooped bivvy tent so only really suitable for overnight.

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