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Advntr review the Elan hooped bivvy bag

By Chris Hunter>

Chris Hunter for Advntr magazine paints a comprehensive picture of the Alpkit Elan hooped bivvy – an essential gear for bikepacking and wild camping aficionados. Here are his highlights:

  1. Affordable and Lightweight: The Alpkit Elan offers a cost-effective entry point into bikepacking and wild camping, without compromising on weight.
  2. Optimal Protection: While compact in design, it provides better protection against elements than a traditional bivvy bag, ensuring a comfortable outdoor experience.
  3. Compact Size: It takes up considerably less space than a tent, which is paramount when bikepacking where every inch of packing space counts.
  4. High-Quality Components: From its strong yet lightweight aluminum poles to its high-quality pegs and 70D ripstop Nylon, the Elan embodies durability and quality.
  5. Convenience and Design: Its setup is a breeze, and it boasts features like pockets for essentials, ventilated mesh areas for breathability, and an inconspicuous green shade perfect for wild camping.
  6. Bridging the Gap: By offering something in-between a bivvy bag and a tent, the hooped bivvy ensures comfort without compromising the essence of wild camping.
  7. Trustworthy Brand: Alpkit, a British brand, is dedicated to providing premium gear at accessible prices, making outdoor adventures more reachable.
I personally think this is fantastic value for money — but the price still isn’t quite as accessible as it could be for some people. I genuinely believe it’s investing in spending the extra money over a traditional bivvy for the additional comforts it provides.

In a nutshell, Chris finds that the Alpkit Elan is an impressive product for those stepping into the realms of bikepacking and wild camping. Blending affordability, convenience, and quality seamlessly. Read the complete Alpkit Elan Hooped Bivvy Review

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