Spacious hooped bivvy

A hooped bivvy tent alternative for solo adventures

By Kenny Stocker

Elan, a hooped bivvy bag that expertly combines the simplicity of a bivvy with the protection of a tent. Our review explores its lightweight design, comfort, and practical features, making it a top pick for outdoor enthusiasts.

Focusing on its suitability for lightweight hiking Alex Smith has reviewed our Elan hooped bivvy bag. Writing for Base Magazine, Smith's expertise in outdoor adventures provides a detailed and authentic perspective on the Elan bivvy bag.

For expert hikers and bikepackers, or those who are simply wild at heart, the Elan provides a genuine lightweight option for the ultimate winter bivvy adventures.

Design and Features:

The Elan hooped bivvy bag stands out for its unique blend of the protection offered by a tent and a bivvy's weight and simplicity. Weighing around 1kg and packing down to the size of a wine bottle, the Elan is notable for its compactness and ease of transportation.

For those who find a traditional bivvy claustrophobic this hooped bivvy incorporates a hooped design that keeps the fabric off the user's face, ensuring comfort. Moreover, the bivvy is constructed from 70D ripstop nylon and features pre-bent alloy poles and reinforced pole webbing for durability. The two-way main zip and additional mesh zip provide excellent ventilation, which is especially useful in reducing condensation and maintaining airflow during rainy conditions.

Practicality in Use:

Alex praises the Elan for its quick and straightforward setup, taking only 2-3 minutes. This simplicity is a key advantage for hikers seeking minimal fuss. The bag's dimensions (225cm x 77cm x 45cm when pitched) make it a generous shelter option.

Testing and Performance:

Alex tested the Elan on a multi-day hike in the Pyrenees, where it performed admirably in a range of conditions, from warm days to chilly nights and even during heavy showers. The bivvy provided adequate protection and comfort, proving its reliability in diverse environments.


Alex found the Elan to be ideal for a wide range of outdoor uses, from weekend hiking to multi-day hikes, and particularly suited for those who value the simplicity of a bivvy but seek additional comfort and protection. Its lightweight and compact nature make it an excellent choice for minimalistic summer hiking packs.

Value for Money:

Alex emphasises the Elan's exceptional value, noting that it offers high-quality features at a competitive price. He also offered kind praise for our reputation for providing affordable yet quality outdoor gear. The personal touch in customer service, including a hand-written note with the product is an element we are immensely proud of.


In summary, the Elan hooped bivvy bag is highly recommended by Alex. It strikes the perfect balance between a tent and a bivvy, offering a compact, lightweight, functional, and affordable shelter solution. Ideal for summer adventures, the Elan is poised to be a go-to item for outdoor enthusiasts seeking simplicity without sacrificing comfort and protection.

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