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The Juice Holder allows you to keep your devices charged on the road when there’s no guarantee when you’ll see the next plug socket. It’s been designed specifically to withstand the bumps, damp and dust of outdoor use.

  • Carries enough charge for week-long trips
  • Durable aluminium casing and IP65-rated (excl. ports)
  • Insulated battery for cold weather performance

Using two 10,000mAh cells with closed circuitry, the Juice Holder provides safe, stable and reliable power to a wide range of electronic devices. This closed circuitry, together with two USB output ports means the Juice Holder is compatible with most phones, cameras, head torches and GPS devices.

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To withstand the demands of hard outdoor use, the electronics are housed in a robust aluminium body that’s also IP65-rated to protect it from dust and water ingress. The battery is also insulated so that it won’t lose performance in sub-zero conditions. The Juice Holder’s compact shape means it won’t take up too much valuable packing space either.

The Juice Holder is compatible with the Juice Hub dynamo and will also charge via the Flare solar panel. ‘Pass-thru’ charging allows you to charge both the Juice Holder and your device simultaneously – ideal for if you’ve got limited time (or sunshine!) to charge your devices. You can also charge two devices at once.

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Key Features

  • Phone charge for a week or for charging more demanding electronics
  • Durable aluminium casing to withstand being knocked about
  • IP65 (excl. ports) for greater resistance to rough conditions
  • Insulated battery for superior cold weather performance
  • Compact, narrow profile is neater for fitting in pockets/top tube bags
  • 2x 10,000mAh cells provide stable power transfer, losing less charge
  • Can be charged whilst charging your device (pass-thru charging)
  • 2x USB output ports to charge multiple devices at once
  • Closed circuitry provides safe and reliable power for all devices
  • Compatible with Juice Hub & Igaro D2 dynamo battery setup
  • Will charge a huge range of devices with three different connectors
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Phone Charging time: iPhone (2700mAh) = 5x-7x (in perfect conditions)
Battery Charging time: Approx. 10 hours
Battery Cycle Lifetime: 500 cycles


Battery: 20,000mAh , 74Wh, 3.7v Li-Poly
Cells: 2x 10,000maAh cell
Input: 2x Input (Micro: 5v=2.1A / Type-C 5v=2.1A)
Output: 2x Output 5v=2.1A


Li-Poly battery, Aluminium Body, IP65 (except ports)


14mm x 65mm x 28mm



Origin: China


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