Work With People We Believe In

30% of what we sell is Made In Britain. By Us. Where we don't make it ourselves it is made by the best mills and factories in the world.

We screen all our mills and factories to make sure they share our ethos with sound environmental practice and social justice.

Our priorities are to
  • Protect human rights and improve social justice
  • Alleviate poverty – improve labour conditions
  • No modern slavery
  • No minerals from conflict zones
  • What we have achieved this year
  • Reviewed all tier 1 and tier 2 factories – principally using Teams or Zoom given on going travel restrictions
  • Implemented our no minerals from conflict zones policy
  • This year will
  • Move forward in setting a target wage to achieving living wages at our tier 1 factories
  • Systematically follow up on covid issues
  • Draw the connection between product pricing and local wages
  • Tighten up our sourcing particularly our Tier 3 tail end suppliers
  • Develop a strategy to move production away from oppressive regimes in a controlled and fair way over the next 5 years
  • Supplier Screening Checklist

    Our factories sign up to:

  • Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code
  • Alpkit Code of Conduct - ILO working practices
  • Alpkit Code of Ethics
  • No toxic chemicals - Restricted Substances List
  • No modern slavery
  • No cotton from risk regions
  • No minerals from conflict zones
  • No sub-contract without consent
  • Good working conditions
  • 100% certified sustainable palm oil
  • Shared ethics and environmental plan to protect human rights, improve social justice and reduce environmental impacts
  • Works with other recognised US and European brands
  • Our Factories and Partners

    We work with the best factories in the world who make for the best brands. We know them personally and have built a friendship over many years. We spend time with them and review conditions personally supported by independent quality checks.
    Who Relationship What Where Country
    Alpkit Factory 10 years+ Sonder Newthorpe UK
    Taraniss International 10 years+ Clothing Xiamen China
    Eaglesight Co 5 years Sleeping Bags Dalian China
    Wuhan Dawn 4 years Clothing Wuhan China
    Honyoung/Hongstar 4 years Clothing Zhoukou city, Henan Province China
    Favour Light 10 years+ Equipment Kowloon, Hong Kong China
    Firemaple 10 years+ Camping Zhejiang China
    Himalaya 7 years Camping Jiangsu China
    Huub 10 years Wetsuits Derby UK
    J Adams & Associates 10 years+ Clothing Taipei City Taiwan
    Knit Creation 5 years Clothing Shanghai China
    KC Manufacturing 10+ years Clothing Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong China
    Madison 10 years+ Sonder Stanmore UK
    Asia Trading 7 years Sonder TAICHUNG Taiwan
    Shanghai Solarwool 10 years+ Clothing Shanghai China
    Sram 7 years Sonder Taichung City Taiwan
    Topfound 10 years+ Fabric Mill Taipei Taiwan
    Waltly Titanium 10 years+ Sonder Xinglin China
    Wellgreen Outdoor 10 years+ Equipment Fuzhou China
    Zhangjiagang Mingchen 5 years Clothing Fenghuang Town China
    Zhejiang Natural Travel 10 years+ Camping Taizhou China
    Sheico 8 years Wetsuits Wujie Township Taiwan
    Hebei Hanglun 2 years Sonder Quinhuangdao China
    Kingcamp 10+ years Equipment Beijing China
    Wilkins Garment Co 2 years Clothing Guangzhou China
    Karler Swimwear 3 years Clothing Dongguan China
    AJ Solutions 2 years Equipment Ho Chi Min Vietnam
    Cane Creek 4 years Sonder Fletcher US
    Gaciron Technology 2 years Equipment Shenzen China