Coniston Swimming Cap

Silicone swimming cap


Silicone swimming cap to streamline your noggin and keep your grey matter warm even when your toes start going blue

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Coniston Swimming Cap Silicone swimming cap


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Slip through water like a greased-up dolphin with the Consiston Cap. 

The Coniston Cap increases your Alp-bonce’s hydrodynamics and keeps your noggin warm in cold water. Customer Service Hero, Ellie, sometimes puts a bobble hat on over the top when it’s really cold (not so streamlined though – there's a lot of drag from that bobble). 

Stretchy silicone is durable and won’t catch on hair when you’re taking it on and off. 


Key Features

  • Ergonomic 3D moulded design
  • Silicone is more durable than other swimming cap materials
  • Silicone doesn’t snag hair when you’re taking it on and off
  • Reduces drag in the water
  • Might make you look a bit daft... but who cares!
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


100% Silicone