Outdoor Swimming Accessories

Outdoor Swimming Accessories

A wetsuit is just the beginning. Tow floats, goggles, swimming caps, the list goes on. Here you'll find all the outdoor swimming accessories you need for making the most of your wild water adventures.

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Warm and weatherproof changing robe for before and after swimming and activity
£99.99 £129.99
Bright tow float with waterproof pocket for open water swimming safety
£23.99 £29.99
Neoprene swimming cap to keep your head warm in icy waters
£25.99 £32.99
Silicone swimming cap for hydrodynamic outdoor swimming
£3.99 £4.99
Flat lens outdoor swimming goggles with an antifog coating
£9.29 £10.99
100% cotton comfy and cosy beach towel
£15.99 £19.99
Highly towelled Alpkit towel with cotton towelling
£15.99 £19.99
200 lumen waterproof camping lantern that floats
£14.99 £18.99
The most beautiful wild swimming spots in the larger lakes
£16.19 £17.99
From the depths of self-doubt to winning big and living fearlessly
£18.89 £20.99
River, lake, lido and sea: the best places to swim outdoors in Britain
£13.49 £14.99
Large and durable UK-made tote bag for carrying outdoor kit
£41.99 £49.99
25-litre roll-top waterproof dry bag backpack with no fuss
£33.99 £39.99
20-litre waterproof backpack with bungee cords and mesh pockets
£31.99 £37.99
Neoprene swimming socks for chilly open water swimming
£29.99 £37.99
Open water swimming goggles with UV protection, an antifog coating and curved lenses
Nose clip and ear plug set

Outdoor Swimming Accessories