How to look after your swimming wetsuit

By Hati Whiteley

The better you look after your wetsuit, the longer and happier a life it will lead. Here’s how to keep your wetsuit in good condition.

After your swim

  • Give it a thorough rinse inside and out with clean water - do not use hot water or any cleaning agents.

  • Hang it inside-out and allow it to dry away from direct sunlight or any heat sources (the shower is a good spot as you can let it drip dry).

  • Once the inside is dry, reverse it and hang to dry the outside.

Storing your wetsuit

  • Make sure your wetsuit is completely dry before you store it.

  • When storing your wetsuit, either hang on a rounded, wide-shouldered hangar, fold loosely and store in its mesh bag on a shelf or lay it out flat under a sofa or bed.

  • Never stack other items on top of it.

  • When transporting your wetsuit, roll it up rather than folding it. To protect the outer, some of us transport it inside out.

Cleaning your wetsuit

  • Never ever put your wetsuit in a washing machine or tumble drier.

  • After use, wash your wetsuit by rinsing it thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry completely.

Repairing your wetsuit

  • Neoprene can tear if you catch it on something (like your nails). You can repair this using a neoprene glue like Aquaprene:

  • Clean the damaged area of dirt and oils with wet wipes or a damp sponge.

  • Apply your glue to the damaged area, ensuring a nice even spread. If it’s a tear, it’s best to apply the glue inside the tear using a business card to make it neat.

  • Leaving the glue to set overnight for a good strong bond.

If feel that you’re unable to fix your wetsuit yourself, pop into a Repair Station in one of our stores or get in touch with our support team and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Keep your wetsuit away from:

  • Sunlight: neoprene is like a vampire, it doesn’t like prolonged exposure to the sun.

  • Fingernails and other sharp objects: neoprene is delicate so it’s easy to nick it with your nails when trying it on.

  • Heat: keep it out of the kitchen and away from anything else hot (irons, radiators, log burners…)

  • Surf wax: it sticks to everything, including neoprene.

  • Bleach, paint or dye.

  • Washing machine and dryer: read below for advice on cleaning your wetsuit.

  • Petroleum products: these will damage the neoprene. Use wetsuit-approved anti-chafe lotions instead.

  • Rushing: always take your time to put your wetsuit to prevent accidental damage.

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