The Lofting Bag preserves your sleeping bag insulation’s loft, re-fluffing to Max Fluff (top heat-retention, not a feathered crime fighter) quicker after compression and extends its lifespan.

  • Over-sized bag doesn’t compress insulation, allowing it to re-loft quicker
  • Organic cotton is highly breathable, letting any residual dampness out
  • Extends sleeping bag lifespan by preserving the insulation’s loft

No sleeping bag likes to be cramped and hemmed in, left abandoned in a damp and miserable stuff-sack for months on end. Seriously, storing your sleeping bag in its compression bag for long periods can permanently damage the insulation (particularly synthetic fill) and will certainly stop it from re-lofting quickly when you pull it out of your rucksack to sleep.

The oversized Lofting Bag, gives your sleeping bag room to stretch out and helps it to regain its mojo (insulating loft) quicker when setting up camp. You should always air your sleeping bag fully before storage but, if there is any left-over dampness, the breathable organic cotton of the Lofting Bag allows it to escape.


Vital stats


Small: 250x650mm / Fits: PipeDream 200, PipeDream 400, Mountain Ghost 140, Mountain Ghost 200, Mountain Ghost 300
Medium: 400x700mm / Fits: PipeDream 600, SkyeHigh 700, AlpineDream 800, SkyeHigh 900)
Large: 400x750mm / Fits: SkyeHigh 900, AlpineDream 1000, ArcticDream 1200, ArcticDream 1400)


100% Organic Cotton

Origin: China


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