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Sleeping Bags

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Our sleeping bags use advanced, lightweight, technical fabrics and superior quality insulation to keep you warm wherever and however you camp. We've got ultralight sleeping bags, down sleeping bags, expedition sleeping bags and sleeping bags for family camping. And our 3 year Alpine Bond means you can sleep snugly and soundly... Read more

Skyehigh 700

Lightweight, 4-season sleeping bag: -7°C limit, RDS-certified down fill
Bundle price £219.99

SkyeHigh 900

Lightweight, 4-season sleeping bag: -11°C limit, RDS-certified down fill
Bundle price £249.99

Pipedream 600

Ultralight, 4-season sleeping bag: -12˚C limit, DownTek™ down fill
Bundle price £299.99

What's inside an Alpkit sleeping bag?

Our down sleeping bags use high-loft ethically sourced duck and goose down. We also use hydrophobic down to keep you warmer for longer in damp conditions. Our lightweight synthetic sleeping bags use durable Thermolite® Ecomade insulation and PrimaLoft® Gold, the highest quality of synthetic insulation available. We make left-zip and right-zip sleeping bags and offer extra long sleeping bags for extra long humans.

All Alpkit sleeping bag fabrics are treated with a PFC-free water repellent.

Responsible Down Standard

We use only RDS certified down. The RDS is an independent standard that guarantees our down comes from birds that are free from live-plucking, force-feeding, or mistreatment.

DownTek™ hydrophobic down

DownTek™ PFC-free water repellent down stays dry for up to 13.5x longer than untreated down. This makes it stay lofted for longer, dry quicker and recover better from damp.

PrimaLoft® synthetic insulation

Lightweight and compressible PrimaLoft® synthetic insulation is hydrophobic and treated with a water repellent finish. This means it maintains its insulative properties even when damp.

Alpkit sleeping bag range explained

1 & 2-season sleeping bags

These lightweight sleeping bags have small pack sizes and make ideal summer sleeping bags. Our 2-season sleeping bags are designed for typical May to September British conditions or for temperatures comfortably above 0°C. Our 1-season sleeping bags are for camping in the height of summer and in hot climates.

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3-season sleeping bags

If you're going to be camping down to 0°C, a 3-season sleeping bag is the way to go. These versatile bags cover typical British temperatures for spring to autumn. Our PipeDream and SkyeHigh down sleeping bags balance warmth, low weight and compressibility for backpacking and bikepacking.

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4-season sleeping bags

These bags are designed for serious cold weather camping, below 0°C. They make ideal winter sleeping bags for typical British conditions and can also be used for trekking holidays and camping at altitude. You might prefer to use a 4-season sleeping bag to a 3-season one if you're a cold sleeper.

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5-season sleeping bags

These sleeping bags are designed for serious expedition use, whether at high altitude or in the polar regions. They use specialist baffle constructions and high quality 750FP goose down to keep you warm well below zero. A relaxed mummy shape gives you room to keep your layers on at night.

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