Lakeland Joy Riding

Lakeland Joy Riding

By Col Stocker

A stimulating, engaging environment and one promoting inclusion is vital in leading to a fulfilled life, particularly older adults and those living with dementia.

Amys Care in Keswick specialises in providing just this, taking them out on activities and adventures, helping them to socialise, live life and engage with their communities, whilst giving carers some much needed respite.

Last year they applied for help towards the purchase of trishaw bikes to encourage their participants to get outside and feel that joy of wind in their hair. These are kept in Keswick and have been used with Amy’s Care Keswick groups, up to the time of the Covid lockdown. They are hoping to use them out on the streets of Keswick more before the summer is over!

Fraser Dooley, founder of Amys Care has reported back on the success of the Trishaws.

"All Amy’s Care participants have benefited from being able to go out and about with this novel form of transport. We have also trained 10 volunteers as pilots and they have benefited from the fitness activity. Passengers and pilots alike have benefited from the social aspects that the trishaws provide ."

Powered by volunteers, the trishaws are available to other community groups, particularly those working with the mobility-restricted, so that the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of the great outdoors can be experienced by the widest possible community.

"This project has definitely been a success. We are still in the early days of using the trishaws, because of lockdown, but they will be an asset for people living with dementia and those with restricted mobility and the community of Keswick for many years to come.

The reaction of the wider community to the trishaws has been overwhelmingly positive. People lovely to wave, stop and chat. They really are fostering a feeling of community cohesion"

Well just like them, we hope to see them become a common sight on the streets and parks of Keswick!


  • Brilliant. I run a Cycling Without Age (Scotland )Trishaw Chapter in Elgin.I cannot stress enough the value of these trishaws in getting elderly residents out of a care home, those with dementia or physical impairments. The sheer joy on the faces of the passengers and indeed the ‘pilots’, the wind/sun/rain in their hair – you cannot put a value on it.Do keep it up down in Keswick and the day will return when we can take folk out again.

    Chris Ince

    August 21, 2020

  • My father-in-law has Parkinson’s and dementia so I know what a difference these will make to people who can have so many limitations and can feel forgotten. Nice work Alpkit.


    August 21, 2020

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