Why I love my Colibri - by Grace Lambert-Smith

Why I love my Colibri - by Grace Lambert-Smith

By Alice Peyredieu

I’ve been riding my Colibri for almost a year now and the novelty still hasn’t worn off. I skip into the garage and find her leaning on her other bicycle friends and I scoop her up to begin our outing together. I check her tyre pressure, attach my GPS computer and we’re ready to go.

The thing about the Colibri is it’s always ready. There’s no faffing about tightening various screws or wondering what that rattle is–the Colibri is raring to go. Owning a bike as reliable and as capable as this is truly a pleasure. I don’t need to consider whether she can handle the rough roads of the Peak District–she can–or whether I’ll get a personal record up that climb–I probably will. The Colibri is everything you want in a bike.

Our journeys together have included everything from a summer pootle to the shops to pick up a loaf of bread to a Baltic winter 200km ride with a few friends and absolutely everything in between. I am certain I don’t need any other road bike as long as I have my Colibri. I’ll let you into a secret: she’s even up for some gravel trails if the weather plays ball!

You can fit wider tyres for seasonal or terrain specific changes. You can attach as many bikepacking bags as heart desires because she can handle the weight. You can chuck some mudguards on to keep her going through winter. You can go minimalist because phwoar look how good she looks! You can bet you won’t stop smiling for as long as you ride a Colibri.

You can with a Colibri.

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  • My Colibri Ti arrived today – if it rides as good as it looks in the flesh, i’ll be very happy. Just wondering – what make and model of mudguards are fitted in the above picture?

    Dean Hedworth

    December 21, 2020

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