What Are Bikepacking Bags?

What Are Bikepacking Bags?

By Alex Guerrero>

Bikepacking bags are magical inventions. You can strap them to pretty much anywhere on your bike! And they keep your weight distribution even for easy handling. Here’s our guide to bikepacking bags - and what to put in them!

A Brief Overview

  1. What is a saddle bag?
  2. What is a handlebar bag?
  3. What is a frame bag?
  4. What is a cockpit bag?
  5. What are panniers?

Saddle Bags

water resistnat saddle bag
water resistnat uk made saddle bag

What are saddle bags?

For a standard Sunday café ride, small saddle bags are handy for your puncture repair kit and your multi tool. But bikepacking saddle bags are the big brothers of the small Sunday saddle bags. They’re the modern alternative to panniers, with a roll-top closure and attach to your bike with Velcro straps. They’re conical, aerodynamic and ward off the dreaded leg-bashing of hike-a-bike with panniers.

What can I put in my saddle bag?

Saddle bags are lightweight but can still be stuffed to the brim with up to 17L of kit in bags like our Big Papa. They’re great for carrying big, bulky items that you don’t need until you’re setting up your carefully chosen camp spot. Like your bivvy bag, sleeping bag or down jacket.

Handlebar Bags

water resistant handlebar bag
water resistant handlebar bag

What are handlebar bags?

A sausage-y storage system for bulky items, handlebar bags are the natural progression from just strapping stuff to your handlebars. They make nifty use of the dead space between your drop handlebars.

Or they can work as a harness and dry bag combo. The harness stays attached to your handlebars. And the dry bag simply slots in and out. But make sure to avoid overfilling your handlebar bag to prevent any steering issues!

What can I put in my handlebar bag?

Large handlebar bags with roll ends like the Gnaro and the Kuoka are ideal for storing large, light, bulky items. On longer adventures, they’re the perfect spot for spare clothing or camping kit that you don’t need during the day. Top loading handlebar bags, like the Gravel Bag, Drop Bear and Toploader are super handy for stashing snacks or a spare layer when out for a day-raid.

Frame Bags

water resistant frame bag

What are frame bags?

They are space-efficient little devils. Frame bags use the gap in the triangle of your bike frame to carry small, heavy pieces of kit. They are attached with Velcro and can be positioned at the front or bag of the frame. The bigger the bike, the bigger the frame bag potential!

What can I put in my frame bag?

The benefit of frame bags is that they are positioned in the centre of your bike, keeping a lower centre of gravity. This means you can fill them with heavier kit without having any issues with steering or handling. Chuck in your tools, spare parts and your all-important bike lock. Custom frame bags like our Stingray are made to measure to your frame. And they’re big enough to hold a water bladder.

Cockpit Bags

water resistant cockpit bag
water resistant cockpit bag

What's a cockpit bag?

Cockpit bags come in all shapes and sizes and fit on your top tube or stem for easy access to small accessory items while on the move.

What should I put in my cockpit bag?

Cockpit bags are small, easy-access stashes for your phone, snacks, sunglasses, lightweight layers, and wires. Or if you’re in racing mode, you can cycle through a drive through and leave your half-eaten chips in an unzipped top tube bag for one-handed eating on the move.


pannier set

What are panniers?

Panniers are the retro set up for old-school road touring. They’re spacious top loading bags which can work with or without clips. They sit either over your back or front wheels. And if you’re fully committed to the pannier aesthetic, you can also buy our Goucho mini top tube panniers for your accessory items.

What can I put in my panniers?

Anything! Well, not quite. But the advantage of panniers bags is how roomy they are. They’re great for longer, heavily laden touring adventures and carry all your important kit: camping essentials, spare clothes and off-bike shoes. They mean you don’t have to invest in expensive, lightweight camping gear just to fit in your bikepacking bags.

Bikepacking Bags

Canister handlebar bag: UK made, weatherproof, 4L
Handlebar bag with roll-top closure: UK made, weatherproof, 5L expandable capacity
Camo half-length frame bag: UK made, weatherproof, 1.5L
Saddle pack UK made, weatherproof, 7L
Camo design Large saddle pack: UK made, weatherproof, 13L
£79.99 £99.99
Dual-ended handlebar dry bag: fully waterproof, 13L
Large dual-ended handlebar dry bag: fully waterproof, 20L
Tapered saddle bag dry bag: fully waterproof, 13L
Small, waterproof handlebar bag: lightweight, 3L
Waterproof handlebar bag: lightweight, 13L
Large waterproof handlebar bag: lightweight, 20L
Waterproof top tube bag: lightweight, 0.65L

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