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Koala is a masterclass in saddle-slung cargo Motionation

By Kenny Stocker

Guy Kesteven's drops some insights on the Alpkit Koala saddle bag. Discover why this UK-made gem is a leading choice for bikepacking aficionados.

Renowned for his discerning eye, Guy Kesteven recently turned his attention to our bikepacking luggage, and among them, the Koala saddle bag stood out. Touted as a durable and versatile saddle-slung cargo solution, the Koala carries with it our commitment to quality - evident in its UK origin and accompanying lifetime guarantee.

The Koala remains a central figure in our saddle bag lineup, even with the introduction of new models like the 1.5L Enduro and 17L Big Papa. Kesteven's long-term relationship with the Koala lends weight to his opinions, having noted its resilience and thoughtful design over the years.

In his view, the updated Koala takes durability to another level. While it shares some fabric and construction elements with other products, such as the Fuel Pod and Bilbie, the Koala stands out with its bombproof 1100D Cordura spine and side panels, which replace the previously used VX21 fabric.

Kesteven appreciates the bag's roll-top closure, accentuated by adjustable fast-buckle side straps that lend a compressive function. An added adjustable strap, useful for belt hook-style LEDs, enhances the bag's stability, although Kesteven advises caution to ensure this long strap end doesn't interfere with spokes, especially on smaller frames.

Mounting is another area where Kesteven found favour. With its versatility to suit varied rail designs, the adjustable saddle rail strap and the rubberised anti-slip seat post straps, compatible even with deep aero posts, make the Koala a bikepacker's dream. Not to mention, the ability to replace these straps ensures longevity.

In Kesteven's view, the internal wraparound stiffener is a standout feature, which ensures the bag remains steady, minimising sway. Adding the 'Exo Rail' frame offers added assurance for those seeking enhanced stability.

The Alpkit Koala, in Guy Kesteven's opinion, is a masterclass in saddle bag design. It embodies a harmonious blend of durability, versatility, and user-friendliness, making it a must-have for serious bikepackers. With its UK-made stamp and lifetime guarantee, it promises quality and a commitment to long-term performance.

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