Waterproof dry bag used as a handlebar bag

Bikepacking luggage plain and simple

By Kenny Stocker

Explore why this waterproof wonder bikepacking bag stands out for bikepackers on their adventures.

For those seeking an uncomplicated, reliable, and efficient handlebar storage solution for their sleep setup during bikepacking adventures, the Airlok 13L drybag is a top recommendation.

Round the world cyclist Vedangi Kulkarni recently reviewed our Airlok 13L bikepacking bag for Bike Perfect. With her keen eye for utility and durability, she offers her perspective on why the Airlok is an excellent handlebar bag option for bikepackers.

The Airlok, in Kulkarni's words, is a testament to the saying "less is more". Its basic design, devoid of unnecessary complexities, just works. This simplicity is most appreciated when bikepackers can comfortably fit their entire bivvy setup inside.

Attachment to the bike is straightforward and efficient. The bag comes with two straps that wrap around it, offering maximum efficiency when the bag is filled adequately.

Kulkarni points out that the Airlok is available in two sizes: 13L and a more expansive 20L. However, she also offers a word of caution. The 20L variant, when filled to the brim, can interfere with the front tyre. Thus, bikepackers need to be judicious in deciding which size suits their needs best.

One of the Airlok's standout features is its waterproof nature, a crucial factor for bikepackers who often encounter unpredictable weather. With taped seams, the bag ensures the contents remain dry, eliminating concerns about dampening one's sleep setup.

The straps aren't merely for attaching the bag to the bike. In a clever twist, Kulkarni highlights how these straps can also serve as a stashing spot for a windproof jacket or even for drying a swimsuit during rides. This multifunctionality further amplifies the bag's utility.

With her extensive experience, Vedangi Kulkarni's endorsement carries weight. The Airlok 13L emerges as a simple yet highly effective handlebar bag choice for bikepackers, proving that sometimes the best designs are the most straightforward ones.

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