#Alpkit Dad Adventure - The Top 3

#Alpkit Dad Adventure - The Top 3

By Jay Oram>

We gave everyone a mission - get out in the glorious British weather this June with their Dad's - the Alpkit dadventure on Father's day and coincidentally the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. We've loved arriving in the morning to check our e-mails and see what everyone has been up to, the staff at Alpkit even got involved and found their favourite trips out with Dad from their younger years...

The Top 3 -

3 - Matthew Barber

Hey Alpkiteers,

I've just been on an awesome adventure with my dad...

I'm actually emailing you on behalf of my wife; Nicola Barber.

We've just been on a microadventure with her Dad to the Peak District – bit of mountain biking / pushing bikes uphill and bivvying in a field for a night too. The trip had everything: spending too long in the pub, getting lost, sneaking through a farmers yard at 10pm, waking up every hour, listening to the wind, animals and birds and then being invaded by midges, eaten alive comes to mind! But it was all smiles as we hurtled down Mam Tor and into Castleton for a well earned fry-up! Smashing.

Nicola and her Dad (Eric) are both awesome and love the outdoors, I'm so chuffed that Eric made Nicola appreciate the outdoors from an early age (see photo above) – it means we have some great trips now. I've also attached a photo from last nights adventure.

I'm sure everyone says this, but we do love Alpkit gear – well made and reasonably priced, it doesn't get better than that! Thanks.

All the best,

Matthew Barber

2 - We're Going on a Wild Camp

An adventure with my boys midsummer 2015. Their first wild camp. #AlpkitDadventureOn the weekend of the longest day and Fathers Day the boy's went wild camping for the first time. Thank you to Michael Rosen for the inspiration for our little story!...

We're Going on a Wild Camp from Rob Gilder on Vimeo.

And the Winner is.... 1 - Fran Ward

My son is 10 years old. Since he was knee high, I have vocally stated on an annual basis "We need to go camping son, proper camping!" Each time I said it, I meant it. The problem was that it was always followed by inaction and excuses.
I ebay'd a load of stuff which had been taking up precious room in my shed.I used this to fund some deft purchases of the Alpkit variety.

We are going camping son. Proper camping.

After some careful preparation, I was finally making good on a decade long promise. The shame of unfulfilling this had haunted me over the years and filled me with guilt. Periodically making me question my ability as a father. The day after the Solstice is Father's day. Only fitting that I put these feelings to bed once and for all.
Late Saturday afternoon we took the long route towards Stickle Pike. I was excited, giddy even! We were finally doing this! An amazing feeling of positivity. A feeling that slowly turned to doubt, due to my sons "are we nearly there yet?" attitude. I tried to encourage him with map duty and responsibility. I tried to point out Geological features, draw his attention to thermalling Buzzards above, and the ever present landscaping Herdwick population all around us. These things held his attention for a moment or so, but it couldn't keep him "entertained". It was around the hour mark where he made a comment that was followed by a sigh. This lit the blue touch paper of "Dads monologue". I was (calmly) possessed and began to unload on him a critique of modern society, where the touch screen generation expect instant gratification, where everything is obtained/Googled in an instant and that there is no motivation to put some effort into anything unless the rewards are immediate. In a nutshell I told him that we'd be heading up to the top of the Pike, where we would enjoy the views before exploring for somewhere to set up camp. And that once we'd set up, then we would cook our food – and the food we'd cook would be the best damned food he'd ever taste! Why? "Because you'll have earned it!"

This was possibly my best parenting moment ever. There was only me, the boy and some sheep to hear my finest speech. I only wish id let him take his iPad – he could've recorded it then at least.
This was indeed a pivotal moment. From here on in it was proper Father/Son time. A truly wonderful, shared experience. An amazing Solstice followed by the best Fathers Day a man could ever wish for.
And the cherry on the cake.......

On the walk back to the car on the rain filled, windy Sunday morning, I reluctantly pointed out that there was actually a road within 20 minutes of where we'd bivvy'd – and that we could actually be back in the warm car by now. After a moment my son responded to this by saying "Yes Dad, we could have parked closer........but we wouldn't have earned it".

Lessons learned and golden moments. A priceless experience.

Im looking forward to planning the next.

Fran Ward

PS - we loved the kit. Elijah, my son has a review for your "Bob" light - "Its an amazing light. Is the top rubber bit supposed to come off this many times?"

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