Making the perfect getaway

By Col>

Holidays should be fun right? Correct, of course they should and holidays packed full of adventures should be even more fun, for everyone, whether you're dragging the kids along or going it alone. So having a stress free build up to going away will simply elevate that relaxed feeling you are meant to gain from taking time out.

So what happens when you've booked that holiday off weeks ago (organised as you are), but catch yourself sitting bolt upright in bed, 5 days to go and you can't even remember who you lent your tent to? Well here at Alpkit we try to minimise stress levels wherever we can, it just doesn't sit right with a coffee, so we've got down some pointers down for gearing up to a adventure fuelled holiday. Check out the Perfect Getaway.

Last Post for upcoming Bank Holiday and school Half Term.

Remember to check your kit and order replacements or suitable new kit for your upcoming adventure while you still have time. In most of the UK the last chance to get your order in for a Friday delivery is up to 2pm Thursday 23rd. Larger items and orders will go out for next day delivery as normal with CityLink, but for orders going Royal Mail then you will need to select the Next Day by 1PMoption. If you are unsure, then simply give us a call.

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