Floor Is Lava - A Homemade Adventure Film

Floor Is Lava - A Homemade Adventure Film

By Mark Roberts

It's been really inspiring to witness all the different ways the outdoor community has responded to life in lockdown. From the gloriously silly to the downright crazy, we thought we'd seen it all. But this has to take the prize for the most extreme breakfasting we've ever seen...

When your dad is festival director for the UK’s top adventure film festival (ok, maybe we're a little bit biased), it's somewhat inevitable that you'll pick up a little bit of inspiration along the way... Whether it's a living room camp-out or backyard adventure, we hope you're all finding creative ways to stay fit, safe and sane throughout all this. Probably don't try this at home though - Dylan Heason is a trained breakfast professional!

As well as creating their very own homemade adventure films, the guys at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) have been releasing free Weekly Watchlists to keep us all entertained during Lockdown. When you've exhausted those, they've also been compiling lists of their top on-demand film picks from previous year's festivals to help support our community's independent filmmakers - currently unable to work in the present circumstances. Plenty to catch up on then! You can keep up to date on all releases, (as well as how best to support the festival), by signing up to their newsletter here.

A big thanks to Matt Heason, ShAFF Festival Director, for sharing this with us.

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