Making new plans while stuck at home with a finger board

Making new plans while stuck at home with a finger board

By Rob Savin

Make new plans with a fingerboard in hand, turning confinement into a journey of strength and determination.

The world's been turned upside-down and in making new plans we've got an opportunity to make self-improvement in ways that you wouldn't usually have time for.

With the Covid-19 now hitting the UK hard, many of us have had to change the way we live and work. We’ve had to have a complete rethink about what we’re going to be for the next few months and how we go about it.

I’m self-employed and my lines of work mainly include interacting with the public - things like speaking events, crack climbing clinics, etc. In the space of a week I went from being absolutely jam-packed with work to everything being cancelled and scrabbling for refunds off flight companies. Not ideal!

As you can imagine (and if you’ve ever read any of stuff), things don’t always go right for me. And whenever something goes wrong or there is a hiccup in the system, I like to just get on with it, and figure out new ways to overcome the situation. So last week I got out a piece of paper and made a big list of things I could do. Things I that would not only fill my time but improve myself so that I'd come out of the situation better than I would have done, by going down my original path.

My speaking tour was called off but rather than cancelling I'm postponing for a later date. While we wait for that to happen, I've dived right into developing the Wide Boyz business. With some time to stop and think, new ideas started floating around suddenly; new product ideas, YouTube Channels, website updates, etc. All those things that would have been second in line have come to the front of the queue and I hope by completing them, the business will be in a better position and more developed in 2 months’ time.

I've dug out old articles that were never published, done some re-editing and given them a new lease of life.

And finally, it's actually a fantastic period of time to devote to an aspect of climbing that I've always struggled to make good gains in: finger strength. Staying at home with just a finger board is really going to focus my mind just on this.

Rather than the doom and gloom of 'stay inside' I'm actually quite excited. I think I'll come out the other side better and improved.

The government has stepped up, spoken and put some rules in place. Let's all stick to these. We don't have to sit in doom and gloom, it’s a chance to make self-improvement in ways that you wouldn't usually have time for.

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