BMC Youth Squad and National Schools Climbing Comp

BMC Youth Squad and National Schools Climbing Comp

By David Hanney

The BMC Youth Squad and National Schools Climbing Comp pushes climbers to their limits. It’s not just a race up the wall, but a community built on passion.

"Alpkit Foundation support ensured young GB climbers could fulfull their dreams of performing on the worls stage." - Zoe Spriggins, BMC Competitions Programme Manager

For our young climbers, getting the opportunity to compete on the world stage gives them valuable experience testing themselves against the best in the world. Not only does it give them the chance to build up ranking points, it gives them the experience needed in international competition of travelling and staying in alien environments. To help the BMC open up these opportunities at a critical stage for young climbers, the Alpkit Foundation have put forward financial support to help cover the costs of volunteers to travel to events. Without the funds it would be impossible to support enough volunteers and so not be able to staff the events. So with help from the Alpkit Foundation this year and a schools top roping competition series in development, it’s hopefully the start of a long term relationship that will help open up the sport to more people and possibly help develop future Olympians!

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