Majorca DWS trip

Majorca DWS trip

By Dan Bradley

Majorca DWS trip Sept 09, deep water soloing adventures in Spain.

Well with summer coming to an end and not getting much sun it was a time for a trip away, the plan was a deep water soloing trip to Majorca for 7 days and 15 of us. We had planned a large villa, one car and one pimped out Transporter van. We had been a couple of times before but since our first trip there has been a lot of development and lots of new routes put up so there was still plenty to get done.

The first night we arrived was Alex’s birthday so as you can imagine we hit Porto Petro for a couple of drinks. On the walk back Alex tripped over a step and bust his big toe. In laying on the floor complaining we decided to pick him up and carry him back. Once we were back we realised his foot was completly covered in blood and his toe was not the best. Some super glue later (lots), a good amount of bandages and we were there. He had to borrow a friends boot 4 sizes too big and wrap his toe in a condom to keep it dry, it was kind of OK. ;0)

The climbing was awesome as well as lots of the crag being near nudist beaches for a mini chillout session during the day. Most of the time we would get out around 11 and make it back for 7ish, it was quite relaxed but not having any rest days 7 days on catches up with you. In the evening there was lots of chillout in the villa, and probably a few beers before hitting the rock. As I was still recovering from the last operation on my knee I wasn’t really supposed to be climbing, however I still managed to onsight a 7c+ at Cala Barques, and came off the second to last move on an 8B and dragged myself up to the top of an 8A+.

Maybe when I go back I might be able to get some stamina and get some good ascents.

The last night, because we hadn’t really had a proper night out me and Alex decided to hit Cala D’or. Not really keeping our eyes on the time it soon became light, and quickly catching a taxi back we realised everyone had been to sleep, got up, packed and were waiting for us to get to the airport where our flight left in two hours. As you can probably imagine we were not keen to sit on a plane for 4 hours!

All photo’s credited to Paul Phillips

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