Bouldering in Brione Switzerland

Bouldering in Brione

By Gracie Martin>

One of the most peaceful and beautiful places I have ever visited. Ticino, a region of Switzerland, is an area of outstanding natural beauty with breathtaking views and incredible boulders.

Quintessentially Chrinocio is steep climbing on crimps, one of my favourite styles! However, travelling up the valley, even by just half an hour you can find completely different style in Cresciano, or a little further again you reach Brione, by far my favourite location out of the three.The day starts with the sound of the coffee pot whistling and a warm tongue licking my face. My friends dogMoffattenjoys waking everyone up this way.

I drag my aching body out of bed and eat breakfast sitting as close to the fire as possible whilst being taught a plethora of Norwegian swear words (helpful for those day to day conversations…).We then pack up and prepare for a big day of climbing. I spend the journey to the crag being squished by Moffatt - she’s an Australian shepherd that seems to think she is a chihuahua. It’s pretty cute, and the wrestle is an effective way to warm up.The drive to the crag sees us head up the valley, eventually winding higher and higher into the pass. The roads get smaller and the views get more snowy.

I spot the sparkling river and know we are close, just a few more bends to go. We park up and head down to warm up on blocs right by the river. The colours of the rock are incredible, marble like patterns which make the river look like its flowing gold.We follow the sun whilst we warm up, even the easier blocs are 5 star.

Then we head to some projects. Brione is scattered, so it usually involves a bit of walking (often uphill), but if you get tired you can normally just hang out and take in the nice view.We headed to check out ‘Real Pamplemousse’, what a line! Unfortunately the conditions weren’t ideal, as the boulder sits in a bit of a hole causing the holds to condensate. One for next time!

Woman bouldering over a boulder mat

Instead we decided to hike up to where Molunk is, a bit of a trek but totally worth it. There are SO many cool boulders in this area! All through the grades. One of the highlights for me is definitely Brione Arete, a stunning arete in an even more stunning location. The photos really don’t do it justice. You have to go.

Woman bouldering over a bouldering mat

After a day’s climbing on the walk out from the Molunk area there is a seating area and fire pit which has been built underneath a giant boulder. It also has beers, which you pay for with an honesty system. Pretty cool!

Girl traverses over bouldering mats

Ticino should definitely be on your list.

Climbers bouldering at night with floodlight

Best times to go:

Spring or Autumn, when there’s not too much snow but temps are still cold.

How to get there:

Drive out or fly to Milan or Zurich and either hire a car or take the train. The public transport is pretty good (and always on time), and you can get to Cresciano and Chrinocio, however it does become a bit of a mission. I would recommend hiring a car.

Where to stay:

There are plenty of airbnb options and campsites, depending on what you fancy. I stayed in a house in Claro, near Cresciano.

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