BRYCS round 3

By Kenny Stocker

Embracing the challenge of nature's raw beauty, pushing limits in pursuit of exploration.

A few months ago, the parent representative for the British climbing team, John Ellison, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was a shock to all of us to hear this devastating news. But the British climbing team is not just a team. Like Team Crush, Team GB (and family tag-alongs) are a group of friends. And now we’re a group of friends on a mission. A mission to raise money for a cause we have so close to our hearts.

The youth climbing series, round 3 in the peak area is always ridden with high spirits, excitement and tension, but this year, we had cake too. And lots of it! I’d like to thank everyone who brought cakes to sell, also everyone who ate them! Even I didn’t believe that the people of the Peaks would or could eat £127.31 worth of cake! Ok, I lie, that was the Rasta Raffle as well. I’m even more surprised that you bought those tickets! The grand prise for this raffle, for those of you who don’t know, was a ‘Lukey Dreadlock’. A dreadlock cut from my brother’s own head. This raffle also had prizes donated by Go Outdoors, Crag-x climbing shop and other legendary people. Thank you so much, it wouldn’t have been possible without you incredible sponsors! All the money will go to cancer research.

Now for the actual comp!
As ever there was no shortage of talent especially in the younger age categories. The general spirit was great and everyone climbed their best. From Team Crush, Me, Alfie, Beth, Joe, Jack and Martha will be joining the Peak Team in the finals in Edinburgh. Jim decided to make Jack and me captains for the peak team, which is an honour. So if you happen to be up north on the 23rd June, keep your eyes out for our Team Crush tops, or the odd Alpkit sticker… You’ll know it’s us because we’ll be CRUSHING.
Flo and Gracie did a sterling job of demoing the climbs whilst Tom, Billy and Sarah judged/belayed along with all the other volunteering parents. A HUGE thanks to all of you, these comps are impossible without you.

Jim Watkin, I really can’t thank you enough, you organised this amazing competition, again! Also I’d like to thank the staff at Edge, Foundry and of course Nottingham Climbing Centre for hosting the three legs of the competition. Another big thank you to everyone who helped in the raffle and cake sale, I still can’t get over how much we raised!

And to those of you who competed, but didn’t make the final, I’d like to say well done. Don’t be disheartened. Sometimes life can be mean or unfair. Sometimes that place on the podium seems a million miles away. Sometimes what you really want is out of reach. But it’s really not about the destination; it’s about the journey getting there.

Naomi Tilley, El Capo

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